5 Handy Tech Hacks To Help You Get More Organized This 2019

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Here are some tech hacks you can use to kick start a more organized year.

1. Use the .new URL shortcuts 

Google makes it easy for users to start new projects in Drive. Need to write a new presentation? Simply type in sheet.new in your browser address bar and it will immediately load a new Google Slide document! It works in any browser.

See items below for the complete list of valid shortcuts.

To create a new Google Doc:
  • doc.new
  • docs.new 
To create a new Google Sheet:
  • sheet.new 
  • sheets.new
To create a new Google Slide:
  • slide.new 
  • slides.new 
To create a new Google Form:
  • form.new 
  • forms.new 
To create a new Google Site:
  • site.new 
  • sites.new 

2. Launch multiple URLs in your browser through Sheets

Got too many bookmarks? Consider organizing them in a Google Sheet instead.

To launch multiple URLs, simply highlight the cells where they are contained > right click > select Open Links.

This is helpful for those who are doing speaking engagements or workshop. If you need to access a lot of web tools for a training session, following this tech hack can help you be more organized and efficient.

Speaking of speaking engagement, you can apply to lead a session for any of our upcoming Google Summit. Learn more here.

3. Organize your desktop icons and files with a wallpaper

Maximize your desktop screen by installing a wallpaper organizer. It’s just an image file with prompts that you use as background image on your computer and then drag and place your icons, folders and files into place so your Desktop don’t look cluttered.

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Check out this Pinterest board to get tons of free wallpaper organizers or inspiration if you want to design your own.

4. New Google Classroom features!

This week, Google dropped a couple of new features for Classroom that will surely delight teachers.
  • You can drag and drop entire topics and individual Classwork items in both mobile app and web versions of Classroom. 
  • 78 new themes with custom illustrations, ranging from history to math to hair dressing to photography
Watch the video below to see an overview of how Google Classroom works for teachers and students. In this video, you will learn how to set up classes and add students, create and organize content on the Classwork page, and give feedback with the grading tool.

5. Have fun with emojis

It is now easy to organize assignments and discussions in Google Classroom with the introduction of Classwork last year. To make your Classroom stream even more organized and visually appealing too, add emojis before the title to indicate the type of assignments / announcement being posted!

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