#EdPins - Putting Learning on the Map

By Dale Plotzki, AppsEvents Presenter

A new Google Innovator project has recently launched that seeks to connect schools and educators in a truly new way!

#EdPins (www.edpins.org) seeks to highlight the beautiful, unique work in every school! It does this by re-purposing Google Maps ‘review’ cards into billboards of learning that celebrate the unique educational opportunities that are offered by a school. Here is a great example of an #EdPins entry live in the field.

So why look to Google Maps for educational collaboration? Aren’t our schools’ websites and Twitter feeds enough? The truth is, Google Maps has several features which make it an ideal platform for connecting schools:
  1. It’s universal: Every school, EVERY SCHOOL, on earth that exists in a physical location is either on Google Maps or can be placed on Google Maps. This is an incredible fact that we must take advantage of!
  2. It’s free: All you need to participate in #EdPins is a Google Account, which has no cost. This is a huge leveler that can bring schools on to an equal playing field of visibility and boost collaboration!
  3. It’s public: Anyone can participate in #EdPins. Perhaps a student wants to showcase their work in an authentic, public way. They have as much access as an administrator. This has a powerful, democratizing effect on education! And people really use Google Maps! Post a photo of your school and you can quickly see it rack up thousands of views!
  4. It’s dynamic and flexible: Google Maps entries are shareable, multimedia compatible and can host live links; perfect for showcasing beautiful examples of modern teaching and learning. 
I would like to invite every student, administrator, parent and teacher to participate in #EdPins. This project is still developing but holds the potential to have an incredible, transformative and lasting impact on education around the globe. I hope to see you school there!

About the Author: Dale Plotzki 

Technology Integrationist and Learning Coach
Colegio Franklin D. Roosevelt

I love watching education evolve into new and better forms! I am a certified Google for Education Innovator and Trainer. I would love to chat with you about: Making, Mapping, AR, VR, Problem Based Learning, Blockchain and Poodles

Connect with Dale: @EdPins1 @dale_rickardo

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