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#EdPins - Putting Learning on the Map

By Dale Plotzki
A new Google Innovator project has recently launched that seeks to connect schools and educators in a truly new way!

#EdPins ( seeks to highlight the beautiful, unique work in every school! It does this by re-purposing Google Maps ‘review’ cards into billboards of learning that celebrate the unique educational opportunities that are offered by a school. Here is a great example of an #EdPins entry live in the field.

So why look to Google Maps for educational collaboration? Aren’t our schools’ websites and Twitter feeds enough? The truth is, Google Maps has several features which make it an ideal platform for connecting schools:
It’s universal: Every school, EVERY SCHOOL, on earth that exists in a physical location is either on Google Maps or can be placed on Google Maps. This is an incredible fact that we must take advantage of!It’s free: All you need to participate in #EdPins is a Google Account, which has no cost. This is a huge leveler that can bring s…

New Customization Options in Google Forms

New highly requested customization features for Google Forms will be rolling out this month. Users will be able to choose colors and fonts when creating quizzes, surveys, registration forms, and more that matches their branding or desired theme.

Choosing a theme and background color 

To pick a Theme Color, click the Customize theme icon . Doing so will display the new Theme Options sidebar on the right side. You can pick a predefined color, or a custom one. The color you selected will be applied to your header background, titles, action buttons, and more. After you pick a theme color, you can then select a complementary color for the background.
Adding a custom header image 

From Theme Options, click Choose image and then Upload photos. Then drag a photo into the window or click Select a photo from your computer.
Custom font style
As of this announcement, we can only see four font options: Basic, Decorative, Formal, and Playful. When you pick a style, it will apply to your form title and…

How to Use Soundtrap on a Chromebook | Tips and Tricks Episode 7 #GooglePD

In this episode, Dean uses his Acer Chromebook Spin 11 to play a keyboard in Soundtrap using the touchscreen.

Summer EdTech PD Choice Board

Want to up your EdTech game this Summer? Check out this EdTech PD Choice Board created by AppsEvents presenter Joli Boucher.

Want more tips from Joli? Catch her at our Saco Maine and New Hampshire Google Summits!

Download your copy here:

Getting Geeky at the LATAM Google Summit!


This past weekend saw an incredible learning event take place on our campus; the first ever Apps Events’ Latin America Google Summit! This awesome professional development event brought teachers, administrators and parents together under one roof and focused on using tools in the Google for Education Suite to make learning engaging, effective, faster and better. Oh, and we had a ton of fun along the way!

The event opened with a wonderful message from our own Dr. Jacobson about never forgetting the mission of using technology in education; the learning impact on the child and ultimately, to make the world a better place. Keynote speaker Anita Moose then discussed practical ways that schools can build a culture of innovation and wonder amongst their teachers. From there, we broke out into the workshops scattered through the commons where we examined the modern tools of learning and all things Google! Highlights included Carla Puppo’s session on building a Makerspace, Sta…

Chromebooks: DO EVERYTHING

By +Allison Mollica

2018 has been an exciting year already for G Suite Edu schools, teachers AND students!

New products, updates and programming are being released at warp speed so I thought to take a few minutes to reflect and share on some of my favorites to date:
Android enabled touch screen ChromebooksAcer Chrome Tab 10Applied Digital Skills Curriculum It is exciting that we can offer a robust digital skills learning curriculum for all ages with Chromebooks freeing up outdated and laborous to manage resources from the past.

Reminder to those buying Chromebooks for schools to be looking for those that are touchscreen and if you can pull it off, convertibles are ideal. As you may already know, I am going to recommend the ACER Chromebooks. I've been using Acer as my high end laptop and Chromebook. The product is the best investment with the highest quality for the most competitive price. It was years after being a loyal Acer customer that my team, AppsEvents ,created a prof…