Texthelp Strengthens Partnership with AppsEvents

At Texthelp, we understand the importance of sharing good practice. When teachers and educators come together for professional development, something magical happens. Sharing strategies, ideas, tools and successes across schools and regions helps everyone. With tech in particular, we’re all finding new ways to help students in ways we might have never considered before.

That’s why this year we are excited to be a supporting sponsor of the AppsEvents Google Bootcamps and Summits. We’ve worked with the team at AppsEvents for some time - a team that has teaching and learning at the heart of everything they do. With summits and bootcamps taking place across the country we know there is no better way to help facilitate professional development.

We know that Google certification is important to everyone that attends, but the events are much more than that. They offer a chance to hear from practitioners in a context that's meaningful and relevant for every classroom and for every teacher.

Learning about tools that build on G Suite and extend, deepen and make learning more accessible for everyone is a crucial part of the sessions. At Texthelp, our Google tools such as Read&Write, FluencyTutor and EquatIO are an important part of that mix.

But we’re not about features - our website can tell you all about that. We’re about impact. For every student. So at Bootcamp and Summit you’ll hear about our tools for literacy and maths that are a central part of any Google roll out. But - you’ll hear about it in context from the team at AppsEvents and get to explore how our tools can be used every day and for every student. Increasing literacy levels and comprehension, providing feedback with voicenotes in Google Classroom, encouraging reading and providing tools to measure pupil progression - all from the only viewpoint that matters - teaching and learning.

Technology helps everyone, from those that struggle or have individual needs to those that need stretched and challenged. There’s a shift in our classrooms with technology at the heart of learning, and at Texthelp we’re here to do everything we can to support that. When it comes to sponsoring professional development opportunities, we can think of no better way to empower change for the shifting landscape in our schools.

If you’re attending, stop by and say hi!

- The Texthelp Team

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