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Host a Google Summit!

AppsEvents is a leading Google for Education Partner and organizer of Summits & PD Events worldwide.

If you have thought about holding an event at your school, then now is the perfect time to get in touch with us. Hosting events are an amazing way to get focused Google PD for your staff and also to build the profile of you and your school in Google EDU and EdTech circles. Check out #GooglePD on Twitter to see what attendees are saying.

In addition to our summits which are two day events, we also run 'Google Certification Bootcamps' which are smaller, one day / two day events... perfect as an introduction and your staff can leave the event fully Google Certified which they love.

We always bring together an amazing line up of speakers, all of whom are both Google gurus and practicing educators. In addition to our Europe based team, we often bring across amazing trainers from the US, Asia and Middle East.

The process is quick and simple: you just fill out our form and we’ll ema…

Welcoming RealSmart to the London Summit

We are very pleased to announce that RealSmart are joining us for the London Summit on 24-25 March.

RealSmart have been supporting schools using Google for Education for some time and will be around during the event so please have a chat with Simon and Owen about their great range of products and support.

In particular, schools are using their Smartsync tool to make provisioning users really simple.

Smartsync works with many different MIS systems to synchronises your data to G Suite for Education. Watch this video to find out more.

Take your Google Educator certification at the EARCOS Teachers Conference

We are very excited to have AppsEvents own Lee Webster leading the Google Certified Educator Bootcamp Level 1 at the upcoming EARCOS Teachers Conference in Bangkok.

Following the fundamentals training, we will utilize Google Classroom for this professional development experience.

You'll learn what it is like to be a student for a day in Classroom! We'll cover Hangouts, Docs, Slides and Drawings - all of which encourage collaboration for engaging learners. You'll also learn about the many faces of Forms, Calendars and more.

Full details of registration:

Doodle for Google ~ Great Creative & Artistic Opportunity for All Ages!

Have you heard of Doodle for Google?

Maybe no, maybe so. Maybe you know someone who won or maybe you are a previous winner! There are grade level categories with state/territory winners, national finalists and 1 national 'winner.'

All the winning finalists will get some great Googly swag and have their Doodle Entry featured in the gallery. The 5 national finalists (1 from each grade group) also earn a $5000 college scholarship & a trip to Googleplex in Mountain View (I've been there and it is AMAZING!). The national grande prize winner will be awarded a $30,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 technology award to his/her school of choice (incentive for you to encourage your budding artists ;)

Please, please encourage your creative, artistic students who may scribble and sketch as their hobby and possess great talent! Send a note, email, add to your site or blog!

The deadline is March 2, 2018.

There's still time!

How to Reference Sources in Google Docs | #GooglePD

Writing in Google Docs? Find out how to reference sources in Google Docs with a couple of other quick tips along the way!

Looking for in-person training from Dean? Visit

How to Explore in Google Sheets: Making Sense with Data Through Machine Leaning

In this episode, Dean demonstrates the power of the Explore tool in Google Sheets! You'll no longer need to be a spreadsheet whizz or understand how to write formulas. Also, see how Google Sheets can dynamically link content in Google Docs so that you only need to update data in one place!

This video is brought to you by AppsEvents in partnership with Acer.

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The Year-Long Chromebook Challenge

By: David Stiner

G Suite has revolutionized education for last few years and Chromebooks have given schools the ability to deliver G Suite to the masses. Have you been part of this revolution? Have you had problems with teaching with Chromebooks? Have you been teaching in front of class where students have Chromebooks and you don’t? Did problems occur? Why take the year-long Chromebook Challenge? This is what will be discussed today.

How did it Start?

At the end of the 2015-2016 school year I got my first Chrome cart. While trying to fumble my way into introducing Chromebooks and G Suite to my students, I noticed they had a lot of questions and troubleshooting issues. Granted Chromebooks we're new to me as well, however, I didn’t have one. So, as I tried to help them I was trying to explain everything using a Windows PC. Well that did not work. Totally didn’t OS systems. This made me think I need a teacher chromebook that I can take home and learn the ends and outs. So I begged a…

The life of a #GooglePD Summit Speaker

by +Liu Yi Jie

One of the common questions participants always ask is “Wow you’re from Singapore? What made you want to fly all the way here to XXX to present?”

The short answer is that I enjoy it. But behind those 3 words, there are a lot of reasons to uncover.

Read on.

The travel

Singapore is well-connected within South-East Asia, and exploring various countries on weekend getaways is a common pastime. Exploring various cultures and connecting with different people is an immersive way to make sense of the world we live in.

One of the highlights of the trip is to explore the city after dinner and drinks, and appreciating the vibes and charm of the place. The authentic food, friendly locals and unique pulse that each country grooves to is worth marvelling at.

Take, for example, the more recent AppsEvents Hong Kong Summit 2017. It was an invaluable opportunity to visit Hong Koong from an educational perspective, with the rare chance to visit the beautiful German Swiss International Scho…

January 2018 G Suite Updates

Google released a couple of updates for G Suite last month. Here is our digest of some key updates you might find helpful.

More Refined searched in Google Drive

Searching for content in Drive is now much faster with the addition of the option to search only from a specific Google Drive folder.

In the web version of Drive, simply click on the drop-down arrow in the search bar and select the folder you want from the Location menu. You may also right-click on any folder and search within that folder.

Note that only folders that are within your My Drive or within Team Drives can be searched; if you have a folder that is shared with you, you must first add the folder to your My Drive.

Screen magnifier now enabled in Google Slides and Drawings

For Mac and Chrome OS users, the screen magnifier feature was previously only available in Docs and Sheets. Now, screen magnifiers will also work with Slides and Drawings. Visit the Google Help Center to learn about enabling screen magnifier support.


Entrepreneurship for teachers (and students)

As a lot of my time nowadays is taken up being CEO of AppsEvents, I present less now at summits and bootcamps then I used to. I still love to present each year though, mostly about my main areas of knowledge and interest....which is anything 'techy' and focussed on school IT staff.

One 'off-topic' session I have often ran as a closing session on day two of the summits is about entrepreneurship and how it relates mainly to Educators. I've decided to retire this session and merge it into a different one so I thought I would post it here for posterity :)

My basic premise is that entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial attitude generally is good for teachers, good for the schools they work at and good for society in general. Often educators who work in the fairly hierarchical and traditional workplace of a school have missed the huge changes in the ease of starting a business, mainly due to the huge range of web tools available and the possibilities to partner with oth…

New G Suite Admin exam open for Beta, Google Sites update, and more

Announcements Finally! Google Sites gets publish to specific audience option!
A highly requested feature for the Google Sites was released this week. Users of the new Google Sites for the we can now define who can view their content.
To publish your site to a specific audience, select the “Share with others” icon and change the Published settings to “Specific people can view when published.” Next, add the individuals you want in the “Invite people” box and select “Can view published.” For more info on publishing in the new Google Sites, visit the Google Help Center. The new G Suite Admin exam is open for Beta Interested in becoming a Google Cloud Certified G Suite Administrator? Register for the Beta and save 40% on the cost of certification. You can learn more about the new Admin Certification exam here. Learn more Take your Google Admin Certification Exam in Qatar For those who aren't ready to take the Admin Certification exam on its early Beta stage, you can opt to join our upcoming pr…