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DoCo Schools Hosts Google For Education Summit with Apps Events

Using Google for Education is changing the way the Dougherty County School System reaches students. Learn how the system provided intensive support during its 3-day Google Summit and Bootcamp, here.

G Suite Exploration Day for Scottish Educators and other Updates

Announcements G Suite Exploration Day for Scottish Educators
Google for Education's free tools for educators and learners now also available throughGlow (central single sign on portal created by our partners RM). Learn how to share, collaborate and get creative with these online tools that are easy to use, accessible anywhere. Explore how these tools can support the four key capacities of the curriculum for excellence. From Primary to Senior Phase, G Suite has tools you can put into place with your learners tomorrow. 
As part of the attendance fee, attendees will receive a voucher codes to take the Google for Educator Level 1 Exam for free and access to resources to support them in achieving this certification. Learn more Keynote Speakers confirmed for Chiang Mai!
We hope you can join us this February 2, 3 and 4 for the Northern Thailand Google for Education Summit hosted by Prem International School. Our special guest presenters Craig Kemp (, Sethi De Clerq (, …

Our Google for Education Predictions for 2018

To kick off 2018 I thought it would be fun to share 10 quick quick predictions (with input from other AppsEvents team members Allison Mollica, Ben Rouse, Dean Stokes, Sarah Woods and John Mikton) on the trends and announcements we think could be coming in the ‘Google for Education’ world through 2018. We’d love to hear what you think too so please comment below with your thoughts. So here we go….
Google Education Certifications to be revamped again and more certifications to come such as for students and more general ‘G Suite user’ certificationsClassroom to become more of a full LMS/VLE, with many more third party developers releasing Classroom add-ons that start to make it a fully featured LMSJamboard gets integrated with Google ClassroomGoogle use continues to grow in ‘International Schools’ but at a steady rateChromebook EDU sales hit huge growth in the UK and Scandinavia and also Chromebooks finally start to take off in Enterprise (businesses) - Used by remote workers such as fie…

Digital Portfolios with Google Sites

Editor's Note: Planning to use Google Sites for your student's digital portfolio? TS Bray, Director of EdTech at Cheongna Dalton School, shares with us his process. 
During the AppsEvents Summit at Chadwick International School back in December, I delivered a session on using Google Sites for Student Portfolios. I gave a walk through of the process we used at Cheongna Dalton School to build portfolios with our students. The teachers were very thankful and interested in the step-by-step process of creating a portfolio.
The content of the presentation is something you can read from the Slides above, so I will get into the discussions from the session that was more interesting for the teachers. The most commonly asked question was how to get students to create a portfolio when templates don't really exist in Google Sites. At CDS we dealt with this by building a portfolio with the students. For example, I created my Google Site going step-by-step to show the G2-G5 students exa…

2018 : A Reflection by John Mikton of

As the first days of 2018 arrive, any reflections on last year seem to contain an uncomfortable rawness because of the events continuously populating our devices - the immediacy, brutality and complexity of a world fueled by- "FakeNews?", each one of us trying to construct a context in the "Filter Bubble" choreographed by algorithms from which we build a sense of the world we live in.

As International School educators, we straddle between the walled garden of "school" and the outside "world". The reality is that we are surrounded by constant change and ambiguity. But there is a gap between the accelerated rate of change and our capacity to adapt to it. For some, the gap is wide. For others, the gap stays the same, and for a few, the gap is narrowing. How we interpret and engage with the gap and our own capacity to keep up influences many of our feelings and emotions. These in turn fuel the perceptions, opinions and behaviors with which we expr…

What’s up for 2018?

2017 brought a lot of big wins for AppsEvents. February last year, we successfully run our first NexTech Innovation Summit, a new kind of event designed for International School Educators. Aside from organizing new Google summits, we also did a couple of FREE seminars in sponsored by Google, RM Education, and Acer.

We welcomed more Google Certified Educators worldwide by offering more in-person Level 1 & Level 2 bootcamps as well as a new team member.

We also renewed our global partnership with Acer (more Chromebooks to give away!), launched a YouTube show, and finally found the perfect hashtag for our community!

So what’s next for AppsEvents this 2018? Here’s what our directors have to say...

December 2017 G Suite Updates

Google released a couple of updates for G Suite last month. Here is our digest of some key updates and recommendations you might find helpful.

Embed HTML and JavaScript in the new Google Sites

Embedding of custom HTML and Javascript codes is now supported in the new Google Sites.

This means that aside from iframes, you can also add third-party widgets to your website, such as your Twitter profile or stream or an online quiz for your students!

To start adding custom codes, select Embed from the Insert menu and choose Embed Code.

New templates in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides perfect for Entrepreneurship Classroom Activities

For teachers planning to integrate creating of business documents as a learning activity (e.g. project management), Google added four new categories in the Templates Gallery developed together with experts.

1. Project Management in Sheets, in partnership with Smartsheet
2. Sales in Docs, in partnership with PandaDoc
3. Human Resources (HR) in Docs, in partnership w…