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New Google Slides Features

Google Slides have been updated with a lot of neat time-saving features. Keep is now integrated within Slides so you can easily drag-and-drop your notes, lists, or photos from Keep to your presentation! A new add-on system for integrating services such as Adobe and Shutterstock images is also introduced so you can build more powerful Slides.

AppsEvents USA Director Allison Mollica created a series of videos demonstrating these new features. Check them out on Allison’s YouTube channel.

You can also see Google’s original announcement here.

Adding and creating an animated header in Google Classroom

by +Sethi De Clercq

If you are are a regular reader of my blogs on or follow my tutorials on YouTube, you know I enjoy trying new and different things. Having been to quite a few summits, schools and classrooms, I can say I have seen a fair share of Google Classroom courses in action and continue to find Classroom one of THE most powerful, education oriented tools available in G Suite.

So me, being me I looked for things I could do that you probably didn't know about or didn't use. Which brings me to the topic of this post: Give your Google Classroom that modern look you've always wanted. With an animation in the header that's possible today!

That's right. You too can add cool animations to the header of any classroom. Watch the video below or read this BlogPost to find out just how that's done.

The second half in the post and video will show you how you can create your very own animations to be added to your Google classroom in Camtasia 9.


General Data Protection Regulations

by +Louise Jones

Coming soon to a cinema near you...

Actually, coming very soon to your organisation! The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will 'go live' on the 25th May 2018. So what are the implications for education? In this post we provide some helpful information on what it actually means to your school, your learners and how to prepare for it. We also start to consider how data rights could be integrated into learning opportunities.

A little bit of background
In 2016 the European Commission agreed that the UK Data Protection Act enshrined in legislation back in 1998 was considerably out of date. It is actually a testament to the DPA writers that it is still used and largely remains in context, the 8 Data Protection Principles underpin all our privacy checks. But times have and are a changin'. The new GDPR has these changes covered and simply aims to protect us all.

What are the key changes?
All organisations in the EU are covered by the GDPR, and even whe…

AppsEvents 2017 Survey of Technolgy & G Suite in Schools

We are delighted to announce our second annual survey of ‘Google use in International Schools’. Please click here for the 2017 Survey and you can see the 2016 survey results here.

Our survey showed increasing use of Google tools across the board. In particular we saw an increased use of Chromebooks with 64% of schools now using Chromebooks, up from 48% in 2016. Use of the Chrome browser remained constant (virtually all schools were using it anyway) and 55% of respondents are provisioning Chrome extensions across the school.

Google Classroom continued to grow in use with a massive 87% of respondents using is in 2017, compared to 74% in 2016. Also Google Classroom has replaced Moodle as the most popular LMS/VLE. Many respondents are looking for more integration of Classroom with popular LMS/SIS systems to expand it’s use.

For the first time we included Google Cardboard and Expeditions use in the survey and 28% of respondents are making use of these. It will be interesting to see how this …

Applications for the Google EDU pilot schools program now open

The Google for Education team is now in the process of selecting schools to test out new features and tools for various products such such as Google Docs, Google Classroom, Google Expeditions, and many more! Submit your application through

Please note that completing this form does not automatically guarantee that your school will be selected for piloting.

#GIESummit highlights...

Even after a summit or bootcamp has long ended, the ‘learning, connecting and sharing’ never stops! Here’s another great recap blog post from AppsEvents presenter Caitlin Bennett highlighting her takeaways from the Maine Google Summit. Make sure to leave her a comment if you found something useful or share to your social media circles.

#LearnConnectShare. This is the community spirit we want everyone involved in AppsEvents PD to embody from the main organizing team, presenters, partner schools and EdTech companies, to attendees, and even online followers.

We always love hearing from you. If you have attended any AppsEvents summit, cloud camp, or bootcamp, tell us about your favorite takeaway, or the cool projects you have worked on with your students and colleagues. We love hearing about the improvements in your organization that transpired and the ongoing friendships and collaborations that have developed from the people you met.

You can email a link to an article you have written to ja…