Google for Education Team Professional Development Email Series

The Google for Education team have developed a Professional Development Email Series that your school can send to its teachers as a back-to-school exercise.

This 9-week series of professional development content covers the basic skills of using G Suite for Education in the classroom. It’s aim is to help your school provide its teachers resources for the following:
  • Help educators see that Google technologies can make their lives simpler and easier 
  • Increase daily usage of G Suite for Education and Chromebooks
  • Raise awareness of Google's free online Training Centre
  • Help teachers become a Google Certified Educator Level 1
Please fill out this form if you think this might be beneficial or want to check out the content. A member of the Google for Education team will get in touch.

By the way, we have lots of events coming up soon, including a summit in Munich during Oktoberfest! Check out all the upcoming events on our website.

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