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2017 New Hampshire #GIESummit Highlights

Just by simply tuning in to our Twitter hashtag during an event, you can get lots of new ideas to try in the classroom, learn new G Suite tricks, or curate a handful of really awesome edTech tools to explore. Here’s a gem we’ve found shared by Caitlin Bennett (@cait_ben), one of our speakers during the AppsEvents Summit held this July in New Hampshire.

2017 NH Google Summit: Day 1 & Day 2 recap
Of course nothing beats in-person ‘learning, sharing and connecting’ at an AppsEvents training event! If you haven’t made plans yet for your PD, visit and sign up for a Bootcamp or Summit near you!

Thanks, as always, for your support. We can't wait to see you at an event in Fall 2017!

Google Exam Account Registration HELP!!!

Some say the hardest part of becoming a Google Certified Educator is setting up the testing account. AppsEvents USA Director Allison Mollica has created a fantastic video to help walk you through the process.

2017 British Isles #GIESummit Highlights

Our first ever Google for Education event in the British Isles hosted by the Les Beaucamp High School has become one of most memorable training events we’ve done this year.

From being advertised as Professional Development for educators and school staff, the summit transitioned to become a community involved event.

In a press release posted by the State of Guernsey, Andrea Dudley-Owen from the Committee for Education, Sport and Culture was thrilled and hopeful that the summit would put Guernsey on the global map as a “digitally competent jurisdiction”. Here’s some of the event highlights.

If you haven’t been to an AppsEvents Google Summit before, check out our summit videos.

Thanks, as always, for your support. Don't forget to check out our upcoming events over on our website. We can't wait to see you at an event in 2017!

AppsEvents to Pilot Subject Specific Bootcamps

The most effective Professional Development provides a pathway for teachers to bring into the class the very next week what they have just learned at the training event or workshop they just attended. AppsEvents aims to make every workshop not just a fun filled learning experience for educators, but also to get you inspired to go to class the next day armed with new actionable ideas.

Hence we are excited to pilot test subject specific bootcamps starting with the Maths G Suite Bootcamp at the 6th Annual Bangkok Google for Education Summit hosted by the Thai - Chinese International School in Samutprakarn, Thailand.
Maths G Suite Bootcamp Overview

Math or (Maths!) learning has been transformed by technology, with a huge variety of tools available to support understanding of Math concepts. This training day is designed for middle and high school teachers wanting to reflect on technology use in their classrooms and learn about some of the most productive cloud based tools.

The day will be head…

#GSuiteHack : Extracting Images from Google Doc

Ever wondered how to save a copy of an image from a Google Doc? Save it to Keep and download from there!

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