Gmail shortcuts to save you 20 hours a year!

By +James Sayer

I am a huge user of Gmail (of course!) and find the keyboard shortcuts to be a massive time saver. Watching people spend their time in Gmail dragging, pointing, clicking and finding the right button using the mouse/touchpad just makes me want to give them a quick tutorial on shortcuts.

Assuming you interact with 100 emails per day, and given that a combination of shortcuts can save you 3 seconds per email, then this article is going to save you 25 minutes per week right now (and that’s over 20 hours a year!).

Firstly, before we get started, ensure that keyboard shortcuts are turned on. Go to and clicking on the gear icon in the top right, next select Settings and scroll down to the Keyboard Shortcuts section and make sure the radio button is selected to enable shortcuts. Save changes and you will be automatically redirected to your inbox.

These shortcuts will make you more productive and save you time, all you need to do is spend a couple of minutes a day learning them!

Do this now: go to your inbox and practice the combination of opening the latest conversation, move to the 5th conversation and scroll through the messages.

Do this now: Practice these shortcuts on your inbox now.

These Gmail shortcuts are my most used , but there are more and a complete list can be found from Gmail's help pages.

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