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Puppets on a string

The post is inspired by a L2talk I did at the Learning2 Europe conference in Warsaw.

“Every storyteller has a bias – and so does every platform”- Andrew Postman “My Dad Predicted Trump in 1985 – It’s Not Orwell, He Warned, It’s Brave New World.” The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 02 Feb. 2017

I am an addict. Are you too? Don’t you hate it when you can’t find your phone, and a friend has to call it. Maybe the first thing you did this morning was check your phone and the last thing you did today was check your phone. Think of it, we walk and text, and even drive and text. Have you had this happen, you are in a social situation and you go the bathroom to check an update. You are standing on a street corner and suddenly realize you are on your phone swiping at it, unconsciously. Then there is the feeling you get when you post a picture on a social media feed. The “likes” start coming in. It feels good, really good, and then you check back and back. You post an update and there no…

Sneak Preview: Four things we learned from our survey of Google use in schools worldwide

By +Dan Taylor

Each year AppsEvents produces our survey of Google use in schools worldwide and it’s the most extensive survey tracking the trends and statistics for how schools are using Google, and how it fits into their overall IT infrastructure and strategies for teaching and learning (note if you didn’t complete the survey yet you still have 5 days so do it now :)

Respondents get early access to the findings for a week before we release to the general public, so please forward to your colleagues at other schools.

We will be preparing the full results next week but thought we would share with you a few ‘early access’ findings from a look at the data submitted so far.
Classroom - A whopping 90% of respondents are using Google Classroom in their schools, up from 74% in 2016. This fits into our thesis that Classroom is driver for the fourth distinct phase of Google adoption in schools.Chromebooks - No surprises here but Chromebook use has made a big jump in the past year. In 2016 48% o…

Taking a Chromebook for a Spin

by +James Sayer

Earlier this year Acer announced its latest Chromebook designed for education, the Chromebook Spin 11 (with stylus). I have been lucky enough to have received a pre-release device to check it out.

For anyone new to Chromebooks, Chrome OS powers these devices and is essentially the Chrome browser hardwired as an operating system. Fast start-up times, highly secure (Google has offered a ‘reward’ if anyone hacks their OS), Chromebooks are a fast internet ready device that don’t get slowed down by unnecessary software. Missing Photo editing software? Video editing? There are hundreds of thousands of Apps and Extensions and some very powerful replacement tools. Watch this for an awesome overview of Chrome OS:


Picking up the Spin 11 for the first time and it has a reassuringly rugged feel. With rubberised edges, it is designed to withstand drops from 48 in (122cm) - perfect for that grade 5 student passing to their friend or the grade 10 student accidentally pushing it…