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New Generation Chromebooks, New Possibilities in Education

This week at Bett, one of the world’s leading education technology conferences, Google demoed two new Chromebook models with next generation features designed to address the needs of schools using G Suite for Education which now have more than 70 million active users!

The Acer Chromebook Spin 11 and the Asus Chromebook C213 offer users the versatility of having a desktop and an Android tablet with these new unique features:

Stylus Capability: Both devices come with an intelligent, low-cost pen resembling a #2 pencil for easier note-taking and drawing.World-Facing Camera: A special camera placed on the keyboard side so when the Chromebook is flipped, it holds just like a tablet and students can now take photos from all directions.USB-C charging: All 2017 Chromebook models going forward will have standard super-fast USB-C charging.Android apps: In the coming weeks, administrators will be able to create a library of approved Android apps and install them on select managed Chromebook devic…

Set Tasks for Different Groups

Differentiation no longer requires a completely different Classroom. When setting (or editing) an assignment, you now have the option to choose the students it will be sent to. Check out the video below from Dean Stokes to see it in action.

Considering switching to a Chromebook? Here’s what these experts have to say...

For those who are planning to get a Chromebook this year, major media outlets Computerworld and both recently published their review on the Acer Chromebook R13. We are sharing them below to help you decide on which device to get.

Computerworld’s article, Review: Acer Chromebook R13 - a Chromebook with class, is mostly positive, focusing on the design, support for Android apps, and overall usability. The review starts by laying out how the R13 is a “slightly larger, slightly improved version of the R11.”

The brand new R13 “has a much more solid feel than most Chromebooks,” and it’s good to hear that they “got the impression that this one will last for the long haul.” Computerworld also commented on the keyboard, which they were impressed with, though it was mentioned that the touchpad isn’t as large as those found on some high-end laptops.
They also picked up on the excellent new development that the R13 is “one of the few Chromebooks currently capable of running Android ap…

If we forget to look out of the window

by +John Mikton

Every year has its moments, and 2016 was no exception. Various significant shifts occurred, including changes in the political landscape in the United States, United Kingdom, and Turkey. And the horrors of war, civil strife, terrorism and an underlying global tension have been constantly fed into our digital lives from the comfort of our screens.

As we consume the aggregated algorithmic social network feeds, each customized to ensure we get what we want to digest, we are choreographed into a more divisive world.

Information is power. This year, the pollsters, news agencies, and pundits got caught out with two big votes, and so many predictions seemed off.

Our landscape of information has entered a level of Orwellian curation, and what is news, fact, or reality seems dictated by emotion and perspectives constructed from our own curated news feeds. They are rarely factual. "Post Truth" - Oxford English Dictionary Names 'Post-Truth' Word of the Year by J…