Who are AppsEvents and what makes us unique?

AppsEvents has one clear goal: To produce amazing Google PD for Educators, to give them the tools and the inspiration to take their work to the next level....and to do it time and time again on every training engagement. We know we are only as good our last training event.

AppsEvents is a unique organization with a tight focus on the intersection of these areas:
  1. Google for Education: We work exclusively on training Google for Education tools and their leading edge applications in schools and in the classroom.
  2. Working with schools and Educators: We don’t train businesses. Our focus is 100% educators working at schools.
  3. Only PD: We’re not a consulting focussed organization and we don’t resell products and services. We believe the best investment schools can make is quality PD to give them the tools to take things forward themselves.
  4. Educator trainers: We work exclusively with trainers that are actively engaged within the education community, from Principals to IT heads, Tech Coaches to Teachers. All of our leadership team are currently involved in education; Either in teaching at schools or as GEG leaders and co-leaders and training directly for Google.

Our leadership team is distributed worldwide which gives us a unique international focus to bring the best elements of teaching we can find; not just from the US and from the UK but from multiple top-ranked education systems such as Finland and Singapore and from the best IB Schools worldwide. We have local teams located in Asia, US, UK, Europe and the Middle East.

All our summits have a strong mix of trainers; primarily local/regional Google experts with international trainers to give fresh perspectives. We don’t work with every trainer and our extended team we believe are the best Google Educators out there.

Curriculum development is a central part of AppsEvents and our global team collaborates to produce the most up to date Google for Education releases. For example our core ‘Google Educator Level 1 Certification Bootcamp’ currently has over 500 hours of development time on it, and still we revise it after every single event. We plan our curriculum centrally so you get a unified experience taking our training anywhere in the world.

We work on a 360 degree approach to empower schools, training all job roles: Educators, Leadership, Support and Tech staff and we work to make sure the effect of our PD is lasting in the school.

A unique thing about all our summis is the extreme focus on networking and community building. We always have a networking party for all attendees with free drinks and snacks after the close of day 1 to help people build lasting connections.

We are Google community-centric and work closely together with many of the top Google for Education partners worldwide such as LogicWing, Brams, Promevo and many more.

AppsEvents is a focussed team of experts producing boutique high level events every time we set foot in the classroom. We look forward to working with you. For more information about hosting an event at your school please click here
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Becoming a Google Certified Trainer. Challenges, Perks, and Opportunities

Featuring: Dean Stokes, www.deanjstokes.co.uk

Editor's Note: We had a quick chat with Dean Stokes who is currently working as a fulltime freelance G Suite trainer and consultant. Dean has all the top 3 Google for Education certifications (Innovator, Trainer, and Admin) and will be facilitating our recently announced Google Certified Trainer preparation course. Here he shares some valuable insights on becoming a Google Certified Trainer.

We are also delighted to announce that Dean will be joining the AppsEvents team as UK Director. Congratulations Dean and welcome to the team!

AppsEvents: Hi Dean. Thanks for doing this interview. For the benefit of our readers, please tell us something about yourself.

Dean: Hey, my name’s Dean Stokes and I was a full-time teacher in England for over 8 years before deciding to freelance and travel the world in July this year. I’ve used Google products since Gmail was released in 2004 and began using them in my teaching in 2013.

AppsEvents: When did you apply for the Google Certified Trainer program and what was your greatest motivation?

Dean: I attended the Google Teacher Academy (now called the Google for Education Innovation Academy) in London, 2013. It was totally inspiring and I met some great people there including other AppsEvents speakers like Ben Rouse and Oli Trussell. I was already training the staff at my school but was inspired to share even further.

I applied to become (and was accepted as) a Google for Education Certified Trainer (GET) in early 2014. My biggest motivation was the opportunity to share my enthusiasm more widely. Being a GET definitely gives you more credibility when presenting to other teachers. It has also opened lots of doors for me and provided a huge, supportive personal learning network (PLN).

AppsEvents: Did you encounter any challenges?

Dean: Time. Trying to make my application as strong as possible whilst working with a full timetable of lessons was difficult. I would bullet point my ideas for the video and answers to the questions whenever I thought of them before bringing it all together when I had a decent chunk of time to do so.

AppsEvents: We’ve heard that you’ve been travelling around the world while doing Google Apps (now G Suite) training and/or consultation. Can you tell us more about it?

Dean: I really loved teaching in a secondary school but this year I made the decision to leave in order to freelance full time whilst travelling the world. Being a Google for Education Certified Trainer essentially enabled that to happen. It meant that I had built a large enough network of contacts and events that I could earn money whilst enjoying visiting different cities and countries.

This year, I’ve completed a road trip across the USA from New York to San Diego, went whale watching off Vancouver Island, enjoyed a sauna in Finland and lived in Barcelona for a month. I’ll also be visiting the Philippines, South Korea and Italy. In total, this year, I will have presented in 12 different countries for a number of schools and businesses including AppsEvents and Google directly.

AppsEvents: In your own words, can you list the top benefits of becoming a Google Trainer?

Dean: For me, it’s people, people, people. It’s thanks to becoming a trainer that I’ve been able to meet other people as enthusiastic as me about using G Suite for Education. That ultimately leads to more work but, most importantly, helps you to continually grow and learn from others.

AppsEvents: Do you miss teaching full time? Is there any similarity between teaching in a classroom set up versus what you do now.
Dean: I definitely miss teaching students but the great thing about my job now is that I get to train adults who will be able to collectively reach and improve the experience for more students than I would have ever been able to on my own. I'm also lucky enough to work on projects that involve students directly. For example, I'll soon be supporting a school in training a group of digital leaders who will in turn support other students and their teachers who will be using Chromebooks.

AppsEvents: What is the best thing about working as a full time trainer?

Dean: I really love the freedom that working this way offers. I'm able to essentially freelance full time whilst still enjoying life full time! It certainly didn't feel like I had the same work/life balance when I was in the classroom five days per week.

AppsEvents: Most memorable training experience?

Dean: This year I worked for Google on their BETT stand. I met 1000s of people new to G Suite and provided their first experience of Google Classroom. I am proud that Google asked me to work with them and I'm looking forward to BETT 2017. I have some other particularly exciting projects in the pipeline too, but I'm not able to share them publicly yet… Sorry!

AppsEvents: Can you share with us what people can expect from the Google Certified Trainer bootcamp?

Dean: The Certified Trainer Bootcamp will go beyond using tools. Participants will get involved in learning how best manage change by supporting schools and leaders. We’ll also run through a number of real-life scenarios to help them develop skills for creating relevant training plans. Different training strategies will be introduced to help aspiring trainers deal with reluctant or disengaged learners.

AppsEvents: Aside from attending our bootcamp, anything else you would like to share to fellow educators who would also like to switch careers from being a classroom teacher to a full time Google for Education or G Suite trainer/consultant?

Dean: I do miss teaching and I really enjoy the times that I get to spend back in the classroom. The reason I switched was because I had a bigger goal of seeing as much of the world as I could. Full time freelance work has given me the flexibility to do that. It has also made me realise how much I enjoy training adults. Helping people realise what they’re capable of, no matter their age, is my favourite part of the job.

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*Application for the Google Certified Trainer is now open and accepting submissions until December 31, 2016.
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