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Who are AppsEvents and what makes us unique?

AppsEvents has one clear goal: To produce amazing Google PD for Educators, to give them the tools and the inspiration to take their work to the next level....and to do it time and time again on every training engagement. We know we are only as good our last training event.
AppsEvents is a unique organization with a tight focus on the intersection of these areas: Google for Education: We work exclusively on training Google for Education tools and their leading edge applications in schools and in the classroom. Working with schools and Educators: We don’t train businesses. Our focus is 100% educators working at schools. Only PD: We’re not a consulting focussed organization and we don’t resell products and services. We believe the best investment schools can make is quality PD to give them the tools to take things forward themselves. Educator trainers: We work exclusively with trainers that are actively engaged within the education community, from Principals to IT heads, Tech Coaches to Teach…

Becoming a Google Certified Trainer. Challenges, Perks, and Opportunities

Featuring: Dean Stokes,
Editor's Note: We had a quick chat with Dean Stokes who is currently working as a fulltime freelance G Suite trainer and consultant. Dean has all the top 3 Google for Education certifications (Innovator, Trainer, and Admin) and will be facilitating our recently announced Google Certified Trainer preparation course. Here he shares some valuable insights on becoming a Google Certified Trainer.

We are also delighted to announce that Dean will be joining the AppsEvents team as UK Director. Congratulations Dean and welcome to the team!

AppsEvents: Hi Dean. Thanks for doing this interview. For the benefit of our readers, please tell us something about yourself.

Dean: Hey, my name’s Dean Stokes and I was a full-time teacher in England for over 8 years before deciding to freelance and travel the world in July this year. I’ve used Google products since Gmail was released in 2004 and began using them in my teaching in 2013.

AppsEvents: When did you …