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AppsEvents 2016 Survey of Technology and Google Use in International Schools

Finally we have had chance to collate the results for our first annual survey of 'Education Technology and Google use in International Schools'. We had 335 people complete the survey and some really fascinating findings which I hope you will find useful.

Download a printable copy here.

Admin Corner: Chrome management - Making it yours

by +James Sayer

Referring to both browser and Chromebook management tools, Chrome Management allows school administrators granular controls on how students may interact with the web through a signed in Chrome browser.

Chrome is an app that serves as the home for your learner’s GAFE experience, from customised homepages to curated lists of bookmarks to preinstalled apps, there are loads of cool features waiting to be discovered. Of course users shouldn't be overwhelmed with the number of managed features and items served up when they login, any managed feature should improve the collaboration workflow and make it easy to access school resources.

All of the following settings may be actioned for the entire domain, or for a subset of users in an OU.

Apps and Extensions

Force-installed Apps and Extensions - key apps and extensions may be installed by default for all users, for example teachers may all want to use the ‘Share to Classroom’ extension - why not preinstall it for them. Fir…

Living in a “GAFA” world

by +John Mikton

Think of what Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon services and products you use daily. How much are they a vehicle for communications, work, social life, purchases and tasks? How often do you connect to them? Count the number. How many? Surprised? Now, out of the 4 companies, how many do you use? Or do you not use any of these four companies ever? The reality is that you probably use at least one, if not all of the four, very frequently.

Welcome to the “GAFA” (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) world. The”GAFA” world is where most of humanity’s internet users and consumers work, communicate, socialize, learn, entertain themselves, and share, in services provided by one, two, three or all four of these companies: the “GAFA” grids.

We have become comfortable with “GAFA’” being part of our lives in multiple venues, and as a result, schools, educators, students and parents are investing significant amounts of monies into “GAFA”. It is an essential component of our ability to …

Tracking with Google Keep, Using Polls in Google Classroom, and More Updates!

Keep Track of Tasks with the Latest Google Keep Updates

Were there times that you wanted to jot down something but don’t have anything on your desk or no easy way to write it on? Ideas or to-do-lists that pop out instantaneously won’t be easily forgotten with Google Keep! The latest updates for Keep provide you new ways to collect and manage information that matters to you.
Using the Keep Chrome extension

Using Chrome’s “Share via” in Android Phones

Using #Labels
Whether you’re on the web through your PC, Android phone, iPhone or iPad, these updates on Keep will surely be of great help! Learn more by clicking the source link below.

Ways to Use Polls in Google Classroom

Google Classroom acts like a virtual classroom that helps communication between teachers and students easier and more efficient. Recently, Google makes learning easier with a new polling feature that assists teachers quickly for better understanding, gathering feedback, or measure interests.

Post Exit Tickets

Help Studen…

Check This Out: Really Cool Way for Kids to Learn About the Insect World

Editor’s Note: Are you a Science or Biology teacher looking for an interactive and fun way to introduce to insect world to children? +Scott Montague of shares with us a amazing 3D Insect app that integrates with Google Classroom. Learn more about it below!

Kids love bugs! Their fascination can be used like a spoonful of sugar to make the lesson go down. Over twenty different species of tiny wildlife can be found in every backyard. They destroy (eat) crops. They pollinate (help grow) one out of every three bites that humans eat. Bugs are very close to the bottom of the food web, where salmon eat bugs (fly fishing) and then humans eat salmon. Birds eat frogs that ate flies as adults and mosquito larvae as tadpoles. Raccoons eat fruit pollinated (provided) by bugs. Bugs decompose matter back into dirt. Bugs are hiding almost everywhere and are really important!

This new 3D insect library uses Google Maps and Google Classroom to allow students to learn how to iden…

Sycamore Education and AppsEvents Become Classmates

Sycamore Education, the provider of web-based school management systems, could not be more pleased than to announce a partnership with AppsEvents, a Google for Education partner company. AppsEvents offers the training to teach educators how to use Google tools in their instruction, and Sycamore provides the platform to utilize those Google tools. To learn more and connect with AppsEvents, Sycamore will be attending the upcoming AppsEvent Bootcamp and Summit gathering in Tampa Bay, FL on June 10-11. Sycamore Education has supplied schools with a reliable school management system for 15 years, and has hundreds of features that are compatible with schools in over 40 different countries around the world.

An extensive integration Sycamore has built allows schools using Google Apps for Education to be able to utilize those tools within Sycamore’s school management system. Sycamore prides itself on offering as many technology-related resources as possible in the classroom, and with GAFE …