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AppsEvents Featured School : Taylor's International School Kuala Lumpur

As promised on our February newsletter, here’s the first for our new monthly series where we highlight GAFE enabled schools or districts. In this feature article, we learn about the challenges, best practices, and other cool things the Taylor's International School Kuala Lumpur have implemented which is also our host of the upcoming Malaysia Summit on May 14 and 15, 2016!

School Name: Taylor’s International School, KL
School Address: Jalan Pria, Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur, 55100
Principal Name: Mr Peter Wells
Other Leader/Contact Name: Adrianna Astle, IT Integrator
Twitter: @adriannaastle

About the School Community

The School first started in 1991 in association with the Badminton Association of Malaysia as a centre of excellence for national players, as well as being a private Malaysian curriculum school. It evolved into an outstanding institution that delivered superb examination results, as well as a holistic and balanced educational experience. The national…

Google Launches Chrome Music Lab, New Google Docs Templates, and More Updates!

Learn Music the Google-way with Chrome Music Lab

In time for this year’s Music in Our Schools Month, the Google for Education team built a set of experiments for everyone to explore on how music works. They call it the “Chrome Music Lab”.

Built for the web and freely accessible by anyone, the Chrome Music Lab lets you fiddle around with several elements used in Music such as rhythms and melodies.The Education team will also be providing open-source code so that people can build their own experiments based on what they have started.

The goal is to inspire people, make music seen in a different perspective, or even encourage new ways to teach. Go ahead and try the Chrome Music Lab now by visiting


New Google Docs Templates: Designed by Experts, Made for Everyone

Preparing a lesson plan from scratch is never an easy task. Most of the time, we don’t know how to begin writing one. This is why Google introduces new templates for Docs, Sheets, and Slides, design…

Admin Corner: Gmail - Objectionable Content. Email Filtering, Quarantining and Blocking

by +James Sayer
This post is the first in a new series of how-tos on the Google Admin Console. Aimed at Google Apps administrators one setting will be highlighted and we will walk through the various settings. This month….Gmail and objectionable content.

Whilst not every school will need to use filtering tools in email, some schools will find the Objectionable Content tools invaluable for preventing certain behavior before it happens. Every school approaches objectionable content (bad language, bullying, inappropriate links etc) in different ways. Some schools rely upon responsible use education (Digital Citizenship) to educate users on what is safe and appropriate, whereas there may be instances where administrators want to put in place filters that prevent messages from being sent.

The Objectionable Content Settings are contained within the Gmail app on the Admin Console. From the Google Admin Console head to Apps,Gmail and then scroll down to Advanced Settings and choose the O…

Demo Slam: Control Your Desktop Remotely with this Fantastic Chrome Extension

by +Andrew McDonald

I just came back from an awesome apps event in Qatar. So many great new things to do in the classroom and talk to administration about for our school. I also met so many new friends and reconnected with old friends. I gave a talk on using Google Cardboard in the classroom and also gave a demo slam about Chrome Remote Desktop. The demo slam was a great success and I wanted to talk about it here today. This application is available in Chrome Web Store and on the Google Play Store as well as on the iOS App Store.

Here how is works. You install the application on the devices that you want to use as hosts and clients. You can launch the application on the client device and then login to the other devices using your pre-assigned pin, or it can be automatic if you have disabled the need for a pin. Because it is linked to your Google account, there is no need to create another username or password. Yes, it’s just that simple.
Once you are logged in you have fu…

3 Great FREE Brainstorming & Interactive Quiz Tools

by +Michael Still

Brainstorming is a big part of my class. We use it all the time, especially during the writing process. Through #GIESummit’s I’ve learned a bunch of new brainstorming apps and great ways to incorporate them into the classroom. Be sure to check out PollEverywhere and Socrative when you’re done reading this post! Both of these tools are used best in conjunction with BYOD or a class set of devices but I use them all the time even if the only device is my personal Smartphone. They can also be used for quizzes but my favorite quiz app is Kahoot!

My favorite part about brainstorming apps like these are the student’s reaction to seeing their suggestions immediately populate the board. As the first few responses come in you’ll notice even your shy students will chime in. This is even more true if each kid has a device but my lowest kids get excited about sharing their ideas even when I’m inputting it on my own phone.

1. Poll Everywhere ( is my …

3 Innovative Ways to Use Google Slides in the Classroom that is NOT Presenting

by +Wesley Przybylski

Slides can be used for much more than just presenting. Slides are just magical and with a bit of creativity and innovation there are many possibilities for slides as a learning tool. 

1. Engage students with the “Comment Only” option.

Google slides can be a place where tons of content can be placed into one location, such as, images from google and videos from youtube. We may want our kids to learn/watch these slides and interact with these slides/content at their own pace, but we need evidence that they are learning and engaged. Just set your your slides to “anyone with the link can comment” and allow students to add comments but not affect your actual slide content. You can ask questions in your slide, have students reflect, or maybe add to ideas. Students can reply to each other and not just say “great comment”, but can add feedback and extra information to keep the conversation going online. This can be returned to and discussed as a whole class. Struggl…

Presenting to Taiwan School and University Leaders at the Google Office in Taipei

by +Dan Taylor

Last week I was delighted to get the opportunity to present to a group of University and School leaders together with +Suan Yeo and others at the Google office in Taipei, Taiwan.

As usual it was a packed trip....flying in from Europe and straight into our second annual Taiwan summit held with +David Freeman and +Douglas Bradburn at Morrison Academy Taichung, and featuring some amazing Asian Google experts you should check out online including +James Sayer+Lee Webster+Wesley Przybylski+Andy Wu+Michael Still, with +Robert Allen Moody / +Suzanne Becking coming all the way from Kansas to present!

Straight after the summit we were on the high speed train to Taipei where the Google office is located in the iconic Taipei 101 building, which I would recommend anyone to visit if they get a chance.

My presentation focused on an audience of School and University leaders looking to adopt Google Apps and I walked through firstly some of the challenges that leadership face in making …