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AppsEvents Featured in Google Education Newsletter

Our article about the effect of Global Google for Education Summits by AppsEvents Director, Dan Taylor, was published on the latest issue of the Google for Education Community Newsletter. We've cross-posted the article below:

Summits featuring Google for Education are independently organized communityevents and consist of educators sharing a wide range of topics and levels. In the past years, the growth of the international summits has contributed to many adoptions, certifications and awareness of Google products.

The first European Summit was held at the International School of Prague in 2012 and generated massive interest, to the extent that it had attendees from all, but two of the fifty-one countries in Europe! The first international summits were hosted by International Schools in South East Asia and Europe, and the attendees were a split between schools looking to make the move to Google Apps and schools who had already ‘gone Google’. Many sessions were at an introductory le…

Increasing accessibility and literacy scores with Read&Write for Google Chrome

Millions of students across the US and beyond are using cloud-based tools such as Google Apps for Education (GAFE) in the classroom and at home. Because this software is hosted “in the cloud,” students can access it on almost any device or platform, anywhere.

While the popularity of GAFE continues to grow, it is important to ensure that struggling learners, such as those with learning disabilities or English Language Learners, continue to have access to the supports they need to succeed.

At Texthelp, we’ve developed Read&Write for Google Chrome, which assists students using GAFE by making the web and files in Google Drive accessible. The friendly, intuitive toolbar is used (and loved) by millions of students and teachers worldwide.

One school who saw the benefits that Read&Write for Google Chrome could bring to their students, is Winnacunnet High School. By implementing Read&Write, this high school has increased students’ ability to collaborate and increased their inde…