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Case Study - Operating a school 100% in the cloud

(scroll to the bottom for a TL;DR summary)

Schools often talk of making a move completely to the cloud: Getting rid of servers and desktop software and relying purely on a router and an internet connection to deliver all technology for the school. In practice few actually do it for a multitude of reasons including reliance on legacy software and school management that is resistant to change. One of the only schools I know who has pulled this off is Concordia School in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Myself and the AppsEvents team (including co-organizers +James Sayer+Sarah Woods and +Rowland Baker and +Lee Webster )  had the pleasure to hang out with +David Elliott  the Tech Director (he's also a teacher and wears many other hats) during our two Google summits at Concordia and I have to say David is one of the most inspiring educators we all have met.

I've been pushing David for a case study to share here and finally he's relented. I'm also thinking of recording a podcast interview wi…

Google is a Model for Student Privacy and Security

by +Allison Mollica

January 1, 2016 a new law in New Hampshire (NH-HB520) will take affect concerning student online personal information. This is great news for all of us concerned about the distribution and sale of student information. Unfortunately, there are 'agencies' who are misinforming school administrators about this legislation in regards to using Google Apps for Education.

I have had a few colleagues contact me asking if they 'have to' discontinue their use Google Apps for Education. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Fact #1: NH-HB520 does not reference Google Apps for Education AT ALL. See the final version and use CTRL+F to search for the word Google. It is not there.

Fact #2: The law prohibits the 'operator' (aka provider of services) to use, sell, or disclose student information and generating targeted advertisements. Google Apps for Education is the poster child for privacy and security. Google Apps for Education has very strict policies governing the …

AppsEvents announce their first first 'AppsEvents Google for School Leaders' summit strand featuring 'Future Ready Schools'

We're really excited to be offering our first 'AppsEvents Google for School Leaders' summit strand featuring 'Future Ready Schools' at two summits in 2015.

The summit strand will take place as part of our regular summits and will be hosted by +Rowland Baker at our Arkansas summit in November and South Korea Summit in December. For the South Korea Summit at Chadwick International School we are especially excited as this is the first time “Future Ready Schools” information has been shared in Asia!

We ran our first 'Google for School Leaders' strand at our European Summit last month with +Rowland Baker and +John M. Mikton which was a huge success and focussed on the best practices for leaders at schools running Google Apps. We are now building on this to incorporate an expanded curriculum featuring Future Ready tools in the updated and expanded summit strand.

Two of the sessions will be dedicated to “Future Ready Schools”. Because of the relationship of AppsEv…

...leave the kids alone?

by +John Mikton,

There is a belief that children nowadays are natural,"Digital Natives", and that we adults on the sidelines are "Digital Immigrants". The dexterity and comfort many children demonstrate when interacting with digital devices and social media tools generates this image of them being "naturals”. This in turn contributes to the sense of disconnect between the so called "Digital Natives" and "Digital Immigrants".

In reaction to this sense of disconnect and divide, educators often restrict access to technology, keep the screens out of the classroom, or tightly dictate the parameters of its use on their own terms. This is often done in an effort to dampen the disconnect we feel when trying to understand the students’ perspectives. Often, parents and teachers express a sense of having to "catch up" or "keep up" with children's adeptness at using digital tools and environments. Ther…

My Thoughts & Reflections on Google Summit for Education by Apps Events: Bangkok, Thailand 25-27 September 2015

by +Diana Engwa

At the end of September, I attended a Google Summit for Education, by Apps Events, in Thai Chinese International School, Bangkok, Thailand. On Friday, I attended a pre-conference on how to go about being a Google Certified Educator and the different google certifications available out there. This 'bootcamp' was given by James Sayer. It was an enlightening, motivating and inspiring pre-conference that basically set the tone for the entire weekend.

Normally, the tendency is to get "info overload" by day 2 of the conference, right about after lunch. Don't get me wrong, yes, was still experiencing 'info overload' but was so eager to learn more, to keep going to one workshop after another. There were so many choices going on at the same time that I had at least 3 choices out of 6-8 and sat there just rereading the workshop descriptors, having difficulty deciding which one to attend.

Moreover, I continued to be inspired even while back at work d…

Bangkok Google in Education Summit 2015 Reflections

by +Adam Bodley
I guess education conferences are like buses - you wait ages for one, and then two come along at once, hence my second blog post in a row that is a conference report!

Last weekend saw the 4th annual Bangkok Google in Education Summit, organised by the team at Apps Events. It was held at the Thai Chinese International School in Bangkok. The main meeting takes place over two days, although there is a pre-summit course for people who are taking one of the various educator certifications offered by Google. There was an additional session, towards the of the event, by my colleague James Sayer, and Davis Apas, which explored these various certifications, including Google Certified Educator, Innovator, and Trainer.

It was my second time at this event, but my first as a presenter. My talk - 'Becoming a connected educator' - was by coincidence very timely, since when I submitted the topic I was unaware that October is Connected Educator month! My presentation began wit…