European Google Apps for Education Summit

by +Cary Hart

This past weekend I was lucky enough to present a session at the European Google Apps for Education Summit.

I presented a beginner level session on getting started with Google Docs in the primary classroom. It was just the basics of Google Docs with a bit about how I introduce it to students as well as ideas for how to use Docs.

I was a bit worried when I first started that the session was too basic, but when teachers started asking me follow up questions I realized that for at least some in the room, it was exactly where it needed to be.

I received good feedback when I finished from several teachers who thanked me, saying that they had never been shown the basics and they were glad that I did a session on it. Luckily for them it was the first session of the day as well so they were able to get off to a good start.

The rest of the weekend was a great networking weekend for me. There was a large group from Munich who I had met at the ECIS Tech conference. It was nice to see people again, reconnect and share ideas.

Overall it was a great weekend and as this is my third presenting session, it has encouraged me to apply for more of them in the future. I have had a great time doing them and I hope that teachers had a great time learning in them.

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Summit Learning Pathways

Our summits have some specific ‘strands’ for people who want to take deeper dives into specific subjects. Remember though that all sessions are ‘open access’ so attendees can choose individual sessions depending on their areas of interest and many choose last minute depending on the conversations they have on the day.

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