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'AppsEvents Certified Admin' Courses included in ALL our fall summits

All the AppsEvents team have been a core believers in the 'democratization of IT in schools' and leveraging cloud tools like Google Apps to get classroom teachers involved in some tasks traditionally only performed by IT departments. This led us to roll out our 'AppsEvents Certified Admin program' a structured course over two levels taking people from 'complete beginner' through to performing advanced admin tasks.....and not just administering Google Apps but also related cloud tools. Attendees so far have been both teachers and school IT staff in equal numbers.

We are delighted to be offering attendees at ALL our fall events complimentary access to the complete program as part of registration. We will be running the courses 'in person' at most events, but attendees can also choose to take the course fully online in their own time after the event.

For a full info sheet telling you everything about the ACA program please click here. For more informatio…

It’s More Than Your Chromebook Rollout Plan, It’s Change Management

Are you doing it right?
by +Jack West, Hapara Senior Research Analyst

School is starting in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in the U.S., we say, “August is the new September,” as many school districts are deciding to begin school earlier and end earlier to log in more instructional hours before the April/May standardized testing season.

Many school districts rolled out Chromebooks last year, and even more are doing so this year. Last fall, sales of Chromebooks eclipsed those of iPads in education. The cloud management, low cost, and cloud connection to Google’s suite of free productivity software make Chromebooks an ideal solution for education systems that would like to put computing devices in learner hands. A recent Gartner Research analysis states that 85% of all Chromebook sales are in education.

If you count yourself among the throngs deploying Chromebooks or if you are just curious about how to do so successfully, here are some tips from the experts.

Donna Teuber
Technology Inte…

Reflections on the AppsEvents Google for Education New Hampshire Summit at Pinkerton Academy

Having returned last week from an amazing time at the New Hampshire Summit in Pinkerton Academy I'm finally getting round to put down a few thoughts on the blog about the event.

I was there a day early and and got to meet Jenn Lowton and the tech team in person and got a tour of the Pinkerton campus which is more like a University than a school. Also got to meet he tech team. A highlight for me was to see a working Apple IIc in the tech department!

Tuesday was Allison Mollica delivering the all new Google Educator bootcamp to a packed room at the Astros Cafe. Google has recently revamped the entire training curriculum and certifications and the new course reflects this with a high energy day that puts attendees on the pathway to certification.

Jenn Sheffer got things off to an amazing start on day 1 with her talk 'How do we reach todays learners'  and Ben Rouse followed up on day two with his keynote on constant change in education

I wish I could give an insight into the …