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Google Summit succeeds at Pinkerton -

Union Leader Correspondent

DERRY — Educators and participants from throughout the region and world turned out recently for the two-day New Hampshire Google Summit held at Pinkerton Academy.

The Google education summit focused on helping educators, administrators and school technology professionals learn more about the Google Apps for Education program in both the K-12 and higher education environments, said Jennifer Lowton, Pinkerton’s digital learning and education coordinator.

“It was amazing,” Lowton said of the event held last week. “Some of the world’s leading Google education experts taught about digital tools on a global scale.”

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AppsEvents Team Member Invited to the White House

We are delighted that one of our core team members, Rowland Baker, was invited to speak at the White House last month for his work on Future Ready Schools Coalition together with another representative from the Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Jason Borgen, who also happens to be one of our session presenters for past AppsEvents summits.

Rowland Baker, a long time educator in Santa Cruz County, is the Executive Director of the TICAL Project, which trains school and district leaders statewide in innovate practices, is housed at the Santa Cruz County Office of Education. Both he and Jason Borgen, Program Director for the TICAL Project presented on their recent and successful Online Leadership Summit. The meeting was lead by Roberto Rodriguez, President Obama’s White House Deputy Assistant for Education and was facilitated by the Department of Education’s Technology trifecta of Richard Culatta, Katrina Stevens and Joseph South. Read more.

Cattura CaptureCast: Great Screencast Tool for Education Videos

Have you ever considered creating your own videos or having your own YouTube channel? For educators looking for a simple screencasting tool to record tutorials, demos and presentations, Cattura’s CaptureCast Chrome App is what we use at AppsEvents.

CaptureCast is a free screen and webcam recorder that lets you seamlessly upload to YouTube, Vimeo Pro, or your Learning Management System. We’ve run a quick test and so far it’s our tool of choice at AppsEvents. Here are our reasons why:

Quick installation, simple and easy to use interface

CaptureCast works just like any other Chrome plugin. Simply install it from the Webstore and then click the icon from the upper right corner of Chrome where the icons are located.

On first launch, you will be asked to grant hardware access to CaptureCast then after that, you can easily enable/disable webcam, audio, and desktop access to the plugin. For example, if you only need to record your screen and you don’t need audio or webcam, set both audio and w…

AppsEvents announce new one day Certification courses for Google for Education

To follow up from the Google announcement last week about their new Education Certifications we are delighted to be rolling out four brand new 1 day certification courses to schools worldwide starting from 1 July.

A feedback we have often heard from attendees at our trainings is that attendees would like to come to learn and share, but also leave with a certification to have something concrete to show for the day. Combining the two is the goal of our new flagship courses.

The fact that you complete a certification exercise during the day doesn't make the day any less fun, in fact often people find this the most fun part of the day! We focus on group exercises, quizzes and challenges throughout the day to keep things high energy and maximise the learning. Like with all AppsEvents events we hold a networking party directly after the day with a free drinks party for all attendees.

We have four courses to choose from; two from Google and two from AppsEvents and with all of them you w…

Opening up the Google Classroom API. Why this will be driving Google Apps for Education adoption in 2015 and 2016

I wrote a post a year ago about what myself and the other AppsEvents team members saw as the three phases of Google Apps adoption in schools; namely Phase 1=Cost, Phase 2=Collaboration and Phase 3=Chromebooks/Common Core and I've been thinking recently about what the drive to adoption will be in 2015 and 2016.

I'm becoming increasingly convinced that Phase 4 will be Google Classroom.... but not for what Classroom is now, but for what it will become by mid 2016.

To take a step back, there were strong rumors at the BETT show earlier in the year that Google would open up the API's for Classroom (for the non techies API's are ways of connecting different applications together, and with an open API other systems can connect to Classroom and share the data held there). It was widely expected that there would be some developer info released about it last month at the Google I/O developer conference.....then finally on Monday to coincide with BETT Google made this announcement