Futuristic Google Tools, Google Sheet Gradebook Tutorial, and More

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from
May 25 - 31, 2015.

Advanced Google Sheets Gradebook displayed on Google Sites - youtube.com

Thanks to +Richard Anderson for this awesome tutorial in using Google Sheets for student grades then enabling them to view their own information/grade on a Google Site.

Use Ctrl + f / Command + f - support.google.com

Search for words in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and replace one or all of them.

Keep and Inbox Team Up - plus.google.com

Now, when you create Reminders in Keep, they'll appear in Inbox.

Futuristic Google Toolsthegooru.com

Get to know some Google tools  we don't get to use often.
+Chris McCaffrey originally shared: "Nice collection of some less known tools. Location history is a bit creepy, but wow, and may not be enable on GAFE."

Google Is Bringing Virtual Reality to the Classroom - time.com

Google made a virtual reality viewer from cardboard in 2014. Now, they're turning it into a teaching tool for school classrooms.

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