New Features in Google Classroom, Google Launches Handwriting Input App, and More

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from April 20 - 26, 2015.

Two big new features in GoogleClassroom today -

Two big new features in #GoogleClassroom: add multiple teachers to your class, and save draft assignments until they're ready to post. h/t +Sarah Woods

On April 16 Google launched "Google Handwriting Input" which let users handwrite text on their Android mobile device as an additional input method for any Android app, supporting 82 languages in 20 distinct scripts.

Turn Old Laptops / PCs into a Full Power Chromebook -

+Mike. Yung originally shared: "It significantly helps  to protect the environment by extending the life span of the old laptop/PCs, helps schools that cannot afford the cost of Chromebook or Chromebit to enjoy fully power of Chromebook."

Here's a great tip from Google: when commenting in Google Docs, add a "+" in front of a collaborator's email address and Google will send them an email notification if they have a Google account.

When people search for specific topics, Google search shows the user that they have visited certain pages multiple times. Great find by +John McGowan

Preparing students for the future -

As technology becomes more pervasive, traditional trades disappear and the world of work becomes more globalized, the skills considered to be valuable for the future are shifting. h/t +Jerome Locson

+Peter Vogel originally shared: "Chromebook after an update to version 42.
No more files icon. Instead a search/magnifying glass that brings up the window you see here."

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