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Identity: Where Fear and Change Intersect in Education by Sarah Woods for TEDxAmsterdamED

AppsEvents core team member Sarah Woods recently spoke at TEDxAmsterdamED 2015 on identity where she shared her personal struggles of losing her hair to Alopecia and how her new identity as a bald woman has helped her develop insight and gain a unique perspective on how to bridge the technology gap among teachers who never thought themselves as "techies".

Rowland Baker Receives 2014 California ASCD Instructional Leader Award

Our AppsEvents speakers and core team members are key contributors to the success of AppsEvents organized summits and to the organization itself. We would like to recognize Rowland Baker for an amazing job and being the 2014 California ASCD Instructional Leader Award Winner.

Every year CASCD selects an Outstanding Instructional Leader (OIL) that has significantly impacted/influenced public education in California. Individuals, who influence, advocate for and support professional growth and instructional leadership to ensure success for each learner are nominated by their CASCD peers. This year CASCD is please to recognize an outstanding California instructional leader has made significant contributions, Rowland Baker, Executive Director of the Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL).

Rowland has made sustained and/or extraordinary efforts in promoting the educational use of technology to advance student achievement through legislation, successful defense of f…

Capture, Manage and Deliver Great Video Lessons Using YouTube

Why Should Teachers Use Videos In The Classroom?

In our experience of hosting Google for Education summits throughout international schools around the world, we still find a few educators who are not aware of the educational benefits of using YouTube or videos in general.

Videos prove to be great tools in the classroom, especially to help introduce new topics and concepts in a more visual and engaging manner. Through videos, we are able to illustrate complex, abstract concepts down to the smallest details through 2D or 3D animation, breaking down complexity or demonstrate lab experiments that can’t be done within the confines of a classroom.

YouTube for Education is an excellent resource providing teachers access to a broad collection of educational videos from academic lectures to inspirational speeches and everything in between. Teachers can also create their own videos or have their own YouTube channel to house videos for both class discussion and announcements.

One great example…

Split Names Add On for Google Sheets

I created this quick how to after I stumbled upon it searching for the function.  I know many of you would say... duh, the function is a no~brainer but I seem to have trouble with recall of these things if I don't use them often enough.  This is an excellent add~on for Google Sheets if you need to split the text in columns (especially first name, last name) but not often enough to remember the function. :)