Exciting Improvements to Google Classroom

Exciting Improvements to Google Classroom

Below are some of the exciting updates Google has released for Classroom.

Classroom mobile app for Android and iOS devices

A native Classroom mobile app for Android and iOS devices is now available for both teachers and students with Google Apps for Education accounts. At the moment, the mobile app works better for students than for teachers. For those using tablets in their classes or for schools implementing BYOD system, this is a perfect add-on to your arsenal of student productivity apps.

  • Both students and teachers can view their classes (announcements, homeworks, etc.) and communicate in real time. 
  • Students can open their assignments and work on them right from their phone or tablet given they’ve also installed Google Drive, Docs, and Slides apps.
  • Teachers can keep track of who has turned in work on the go.
  • Easily snap a photo and as an attachment to a homework.
  • Students can also easily attach images, PDFs, and web pages from other apps to their homeworks.
  • Offline access is enabled so students and teachers can get information about their assignments in the mobile app.
  • A teacher can only create announcements and view status of assignments submitted. Cannot access submissions, enter grades, or create assignments at this time.
Just in case you didn’t know, there is also a Chrome Extension available.

Teacher Assignments Page and Class Archiving on Classroom for Desktops

Teachers can now easily keep track of all the activities and assignments they’ve assigned to their various classes through the Teacher “Assignments” page. In here, teachers will have quick access to any assignment, view how many students have turned-in their work, and how many items need reviewing. The Assignments page, however, does not provide information on who has turned in on time and who has turned in late.

Teachers also now have the ability to archive a class. Archiving a class will remove it from the Classroom homepage so you won’t have to scroll through past classes just to get to the current ones. Both teachers and students can still view information on archived classes, but lose the ability to edit as the class in now read only.

For educators who are yet to try Google Classroom, are still unsure whether or not to use this product in their class or simply want to learn more, +Allison Mollica recently hosted a Hangout on Air session together with +Andrew Stillman, Top Contributor of Innovation and Tools to the Google Community, +Jennifer Scheffer and students from Burlington High School, +Dan Taylor, original creator of Course Director and now AppsEvents, and +Ben Rouse from Glyn Schools UK - education leader, Google Certified Teacher and Trainer.

This HOA session discuss what you can 'do' with Google Classroom, who benefits, and what are the unique ways to take advantage of this easy to use interface to interact with and engage your students!

Make sure also to check out our comprehensive online course on Google Classroom by Google in Education guru +Allison Mollica. The course will help you get up to speed with ‘Google Classroom’ and features video lessons with an online quiz after each video chapter to test your knowledge. Get access here: http://goo.gl/ddspKc
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AppsEvents Certified Admin (ACA) Strand on Deep Learning Teaching Innovations Conference Bangkok

Good news to all educators based in Bangkok and neighboring cities who are interested in taking our in-person Google Apps Admin Certification course, as AppsEvents in cooperation with the DEEP Learning committee brings you the ACA strand to the Deep Learning Teaching Innovations Conference Bangkok.

About AppsEvents Certified Admin

The ‘AppsEvents Certified Admin’ (ACA) is an entry level certification and focused on getting educators with basic or no admin experience to 'level up' and be able to administer a Google Apps domain. It’s equally focused on teaching and non teaching staff and one of the reasons we started the program was to help with the democratization of IT admin and helping more teachers to get involved.

It is intended for someone coming in to an ‘up and running’ Google Apps domain and does not include set-up, which we cover in our advanced ‘Level 2 certification’. More information available here.

About DEEP Learning Conference

The DEEP Learning Conference offers innovative teaching and learning experience by bringing the best of many worlds together and will take place at Thai-Chinese International School from March 21 to 22, 2015. The conference takes pride in giving a professional development event where such emphasis has been placed on giving you the ability to craft your own personal experience. Learn more here.
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Cattura Video Partners with AppsEvents for 2015

Cattura Video is excited to be a sponsor of AppEvents for 2015 and to share their new Google powered video platform, the Learning Engine, with Google Educators. The Learning Engine gives teachers the tools to centralize, organize, enrich, and index their YouTube videos for students without the clutter, adverts, unrelated videos and distraction found on public YouTube. The Learning Engine is the premier solution for Google educators seeking to streamline lecture capture, flipped classroom, MOOCs, SPOC's and other distant learning video solutions.

Teachers can easily capture, import, manage, share, and deliver educational videos to students directly inside a campus learning management system like Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, Blackboard, Pearson Learning and more. Teachers can create new videos using Cattura's recording app or easily import existing videos directly from YouTube. Students can browse, search, discover, and interact with rich educational videos directly inside their assigned courses, keeping them locked in and engaged. Students can perform deep video searches across the entire course video library or individual video timelines for data associated to keywords, teacher notes, video chapters, and spoken word from closed captions so students quickly find what’s important to them. Student demand for video can be easily met using the Learning Engine and Cattura's deeply integrated Google tools.

Cattura is offering free 30 day trials for campuses seeking a fully integrated solution for lecture capture, flipped content, MOOCs or other remote video learning solutions. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up and gives your entire campus the ability to create powerful video solutions for students. The team at Cattura Video will be touring with AppEvents in 2015 demonstrating this new Google powered video platform and their new Chrome screen and web camera recording app. Check out "Video Made Simple" at the Summit sessions to learn more about these platform and services, as well as learning some great tips and tricks for YouTube and other Google driven video tools.

Learn more at https://catturavideo.com/faculty-and-students
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5 Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers to Save Time in 2015

By today, you've undoubtedly read numerous feel good blog posts this holiday season, all meant to jump-start your motivation and excitement for the coming 2nd half of the school year. Instead of providing inspirational words (of which I have few), I decided to contribute in a more practical manner (with a nod to the motivators for taking care of that!).

So here are 5 Google Chrome Extensions to add to your repertoire this year. Since time is always the enemy, I chose the following in hopes that they bring you tidings of great efficiency... or something close to that.

1. Diigo 

Download from Chrome Web Store

Whenever you bookmark a website - an article, a new edtech tool, a gift for a loved one - your bookmark is saved by its name and URL. Diigo allows you to save websites by adding tags, thereby allowing you to search for sites based on how you think of them, not how they're named.

For example, when I heard about the formative assessment tool Kahoot! at a conference last year, I knew I would not remember the name of it months later. But instead, I tagged it with the following tags: quiz, poll, response, survey, assessment, "formative assessment."

The result? When I searched Diigo for the "formative assessment" tag months later, Kahoot came up in a list of websites which I had saved with that same tag.

My favorite use: highlighting and annotating. Diigo will actually search the text you've highlighted and your own annotations in addition to your tags... Seriously impressive.

2. Google Drive Quick Create

Download from Chrome Web Store

Need to make a new Google document immediately? Skip the clicks necessary to go to Drive, choose a folder, and create a new doc. Use Quick Create instead.

3. CheckerPlus for Gmail and Google Calendar

Download from Chrome Web Store (Gmail)
Download from Chrome Web Store (Google Calendar)

Take a proactive approach to email this year. Instead of waiting until lunch to slog through the AM email log, take a quick second to archive, delete, or delay messages as soon as they come into your inbox. CheckerPlus allows you to perform simple tasks right in the notification window, making for efficient, immediate cleaning of your inbox.

Similarly, CheckerPlus for Google Calendar allows you to check your calendar without actually going to your calendar. (What?) Don't bother opening a tab. Just click on the extension, and see your while month. Don't even want to click? Scroll over the icon and it will show you events for the next few days. Save time, people.

Both CheckerPlus extensions come with a boatload of customization, so you can tailor the notifications to your needs.

4. TabCloud

Download from Chrome Web Store

For those of us who keep far too many tabs open (you know who you are), Chrome can run slowly, and we can lose track of important sites. To help organize your tabs, use TabCloud. It allows you to save a window (or "block") of tabs for future use.

For example, when I'm planning for my 8th grade class I need a handful of tabs open that are totally different than the tabs I need when planning for 7th. Instead of keeping ALL of them open, or risk forgetting some, or having to reopen each individually, I can use TabCloud to pull all the tabs up together immediately. Whether you've got tabs open from a great conference, for your masters degree, or just for blogs you like to read, use TabCloud to organize them. (In the example above, you can see the windows I open for various presentations, as well as from conferences.)

5. Extensity

Download from Chrome Web Store

Now that you've added more extensions than you know what to do with, throw yourself a bone and turn some of them off. Extensity allows you to turn extensions on and off immediately (far faster than going into your Chrome settings).

I try to limit the number of extensions in my browser to 7-10. Any more and my computer will lag and slow down. Using Extensity allows me to still use all of my extensions, though, whenever I need them. Simply click to turn on/off.

Want more? Check out my Chrome Extensions presentation with how-to's, and a laundry list of extensions to use in the classroom: natekellogg.com

Which extensions do you use to save time? Please share any and all extensions in the comments below!

Google Chrome is more than just an internet browser. If you want to learn more on the basics of Google Chrome and its applications in education, check out this course from +Nathan Kellogg http://goo.gl/IKA5jL

This article is cross-posted from historyisneverdead.blogspot.com with permission from the author +Nathan Kellogg 
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‘Google forms’ beginners course launched on appseventscourses.com

We are delighted to announce the launch of the first course in a three part series on Google Forms from Google in Education expert +Ben Rouse . The beginners course takes users from beginner level through the basics of creating and sharing forms, adding questions and common uses of Form such as surveys or quizzes.

We are working on the Intermediate and advanced courses which will be launched within the next two months.

AS a special offer to our blog readers you can take the course completely free until the 5th of Jan by using the code forms15

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