Amazing Shortcut for Sharing Google Docs, New Security Tools for Google Apps, and more

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from November 23 to 30, 2014.

Amazing Shortcut for Sharing Google Docs! -

Easily share a preview copy of Docs, Sheets and Slides with just a quick edit of the URL. Great tip shared by +Kasey Bell 

New security tools to help improve online security -

A new Devices and Activity dashboard gives your users additional insight over the devices accessing their Google account. The page shows a comprehensive view of all devices that have been active on an account in the last 28 days, or are currently signed in. h/t +David Theriault

Photos For Class -

Great website to search and download properly attributed, Creative Commons images for school!  via +Mary Raphael George 

Google Input Tools Chrome extension allows users to use input tools in any web pages in Chrome. Use this extension to use 70 languages into any web page's input fields. via +Chris McCaffrey 

Google Earth na Sala de Aula -

Presentation slides from +Luis Pitta for his Google Earth session during the recent Portugal Google in Education Summit.

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