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Google Apps and the ‘democratization’ of IT departments in schools

With the launch of our ‘AppsEvents Certified Admin’ online course a week ago we started thinking about the recent movement to decentralize some of the IT functions in schools, with teachers and other non-IT department staff getting involved in many tasks previously considered the domain of the IT department.

Of course it’s been a gradual move, starting with classroom technology integration specialists who bridged IT and teaching, but the widespread adoption of cloud technologies, and Google Apps in particular, has really accelerated this trend over the past twelve months.

I consider Google Apps to exemplify the first 'ground up' technology adoption in schools. Teachers often tried Google Apps and pushed school IT admins to adopt it or it was actually teachers who applied to Google for their schools to be approved for Google Apps for Education. In many schools I have worked with, teachers started using Google Apps in their class and it spread gradually around the school by w…

Learning at #GIESummit Arkansas

As a Google Trainer at a Google for Education Summit I am focused on teaching but I walk away from every event having learned so much! Throughout the Bootcamp and Summit I am in awe of the relationships that are created in such a short time. I left Arkansas recharged and revitalized!

Here is a recap of some things I have thought about after participating in the latest #GIESummit in Arkansas sponsored by AppsEvents in partnership with Conway Schools.

Leadership matters.

Superintendent Greg Murray, Director of Instructional Services +Debbie Miller , Technology Coordinator +Joel Dean are experts at creating a culture of enthusiasm and professionalism. Conway teachers are open minded, forward thinking, ambitious, self~directed and most of all 'happy.' Happiness and positive energy fills the air. This not only sets the stage for a successful days for Google training but it is clear that this is the norm all year.

From the Conway Schools, Tina Lampe and +Katti Bowen hosted …