Gmail announces Inbox, g(Math) for Forms and more

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An inbox that works for you -

The team that made Gmail is bringing something new. It’s called Inbox. Though developed by the same people,it’s not Gmail: it’s a completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters.

Request your invitation to inbox h/t +Dan Taylor

Google for Education Devices Pilot Guide [PUBLIC] -

From A to Z: Everything you need to know to successfully deploy Google devices in your school. Learn from schools who are currently using #GAFE, Chromebooks, and tablets and get started on the right foot with this updated guide.

g(Math) for Forms -

Did you ever wish that your Google Forms had an equation editor? Now it does!! g(Math) for Forms is part of the Google Forms Add-on official launch today. g(Math) for Forms can create math expressions, graphs, and statistical displays and insert them directly into your Form! Check it out at:

You can also find the help page at:
and the Video tutorial at:

Posted by +John McGowan 

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