The Value of Blogging in the Classroom, Introducing Google for Work, and more

Why Blogging is So Valuable in the Elementary Classroom -

Though there are some challenges with classroom blogging, there are many more benefits to enhance student learning and success. Shared via +Claire Wachowiak

Your Forms, you way -

One of your top requests has been the ability to add your own personal touch to forms, and starting today you can with custom themes. To add a custom theme, just create a new form and click the “Change theme” button in the toolbar. h/t +Aaron Gumz

Introducing Google for Work (the artist formerly known as Enterprise) -

As of September 2, 2014, what was called Google Enterprise is now, simply, Google for Work. Shared via +Alex Stamp

Now it is super easy to import videos from Google+ into YouTube -

Shared via +Blair Cook. Screenshot from +Patrick Green 

Save As Doc is a free Google Spreadsheets Add-on that enables you to select a series of adjacent cells and turn them into an easy to read Google Document. h/t +Samantha Vardanega 

Sharing just got a little easier -

New feature for Google Docs/Sheets/Slides: if you want to create a unique shareable link, you can now just click the “Get shareable link” button. h/t +Samantha Vardanega and +Cortney Steffens 

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