Last Chance to Register For Barcelona Google Cloud Camp and Certification Bootcamp

For those new to Google Apps or somewhat experienced users, we invite you to join us for the Barcelona Google Cloud Camp to be held at American School of Barcelona this coming September 3.

A Google Cloud Camp offers a more focused and intense form of workshop with the beginners in mind. If you are looking for basic training for apps or are unsure of ‘what else’ you can get out of it, this program is for you. It is a curriculum set up to showcase what you can do with all the apps. It is not a ‘beginner’ course but rather a way to ‘level’ up. 

CLICK HERE to register for the Barcelona Cloud Camp and have fun learning with +Allison Mollica, +Sarah Woods, and +Chad Griffiths.

If you want to become a certified Google Educator, Google Certified Trainer, or Google Certified Teacher, we invite you to join us for the Barcelona Google Apps EDU Certification preparation bootcamp still at American School of Barcelona on September 4. 

It will be a one day event designed to help prepare educators complete the certification process which comprises of 5 online tests, a completed application, and a case study. The day is fun, engaging and educational and teaches you how to quickly pass the tests and join the community of certified trainers worldwide. 

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Barcelona Bootcamp. 

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