Google Story Builder, Get notified about Google Form submissions, and more

Gone Google Story Builder -

Cool way to make a digital story, just like a GAFE commercial. h/t +Chris McCaffrey

Hangouts now supports any Google Apps customer account -

Hangouts video meetings now support any Google Apps customer account (, including those without a Google+ profile. Google Apps customers can start or join a high-definition video meeting that connects 15 participants from their computer (and coming soon for mobile and tablet). Multi-way calling will also be available if you’re using Google Talk. Shared via +Ben Wilkoff

Google Drive's Quota Page -

The new Google Drive interface has a cool feature: it shows all the files you've uploaded, sorted by file size. Mouse over the storage stats at the bottom of the page ("X GB of Y GB used"), click "Drive" and you'll get to this page that shows the quota used by your files, so you can quickly delete some of the files you no longer need. Interestingly, the URL: also works in the old Google Drive interface. via +Samantha Vardanega

Get notified about Google Form submissions -

Google forms are a quick and easy way to collect many kinds of information and data. However, it can often be useful to know when respondents have submitted their form, particularly if you need to take some action after the submission. The Google Sheets notifications feature can solve this problem by sending you an email when forms are submitted. You can choose to receive an email notification for each submission, or a daily digest of all submission received during that day.

Even more reasons to meet face-to-face -

No matter how things change, a face-to-face conversation is still the fastest and simplest way to communicate. Using Hangouts lets teams collaborate over video meetings across smartphones, tablets and computers. And dedicated Chromebox for meetings devices extend these video meetings to any room. Google announced recently the latest features, updates and partnerships that make video meetings even easier and better for Google Apps for Business customers. Shared by +Dan Taylor

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