Launch Hangouts in Chrome without a plugin, Google Drive updates, and more

Launch Hangouts in Chrome without a plugin -

Over the next week, users will be able to launch Hangouts in Chrome without having to download and install a plugin. This will simplify initial setup and maintenance. Users of other browsers will still need to use the plugin. h/t +Allison Mollica 

Google Drive Updates -

Working with images in Google Docs, Slides and Drawings just got easier with two new features: (1) Reset an image, and (2) Replace an image. h/t +AppsCare

New Calendar update! -

Appointment slots on a new calendar event. h/t +Dan Leighton 

Select a block of text and Google Doc will speak it back. Awesome! h/t +Dan Taylor

Applications for Google Teacher Academy Sydney are now open through July 31, 2014!  Thank you +Allison Mollica for sharing this important update.

Infographic spotted via +Dan Leighton.

Super Quiz Chrome Add-on -

The Super Quiz Google Chrome add-on adds brilliant functionality and assessment tools to a quiz made with Google Forms. h/t +Chad Kafka 

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