Google Now Reminders Right from Search, Google Story, and more

Google begins allowing you to create Google Now reminders right from its search engine -

One favorite feature of Google is getting instant responses from search results — it massively simplifies currency conversion, for one thing. So it’s interesting to see that the company now lets you create Google Now reminders right from its search box. Shared by +Allison Mollica

Deep inside Google, a small team has been trying to solve a problem that's easy for any schmuck around the watercooler but frighteningly difficult for the world's most data-rich company: telling a story. h/t +Peter Vogel 

In the past, delegated admins with any existing role with the ‘Users’ privilege were already able to disable 2-step verification for individual users. With this launch, these delegated admins will automatically get ‘User Security Management’ privileges to ensure they continue to have access to disable 2-step verification. Shared via +AppsCare 

It is now possible to display the full name of each group members along with their email address and you can easily copy-past those info to a Sheet. Shared by +Kim Nilsson 

School education has grown by leaps and bounds, but the classroom saga remains the same. There are students who don’t understand a word of what the teacher tries to convey. They are scared of asking the wrong question, and suffer in long silence. This video focuses on such children who don’t dare to ask a question, and finally don’t learn anything. Posted by +Alia Khan 

You want to digitize a print document? You have Google Drive and an Android device? You are all set! h/t +Nitz Geraldez 

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