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Chrome User Management: How to Manage Multiple Google Accounts in a Single Browser

I have observed that a lot of people today have at least two Gmail accounts, one for personal use and another one for business. It is also not uncommon that these multiple accounts are used on a regular basis. For the longest time I’ve been struggling on how to manage multiple email accounts until Google Chrome came. In this blog post, I’m going to show you three different methods you can access multiple Google accounts (or any other internet account) without the need to open or install another web browser.

1. Use Incognito mode

Have you experienced having the need to use another person’s computer to access your Google Drive because there’s a file that you need which you have not shared with the person or you just need to take a look at your Gmail inbox real quick? Are you at work and suddenly you need to access an important message from your personal Gmail account and hate logging out your Google Apps email or launching a different browser?

If you need to access another Google accoun…

Introducing the GAFE Extended Learning Workshops!

Have you wanted to become a Google Certified Educator but just never seem to have the time to take the exams? Are you wanting to figure out how you can better integrate Google apps into your classroom?

This summer we will be offering a 5-day extended learning workshop June 30-July 4th. Mornings will focus on classroom applications of Google Apps and afternoons on prepping for and taking Google exams. You can sign up for mornings-only and spend your afternoons relaxing or you can bring on the intensity with both! Just think - 5 days and you'll be all done your exams!

+Sarah Woods will be running our program bringing her unique teaching style to your learning process!  Location is still in the works, but it will be somewhere in Europe!

More information will follow, but please let us know if you're interested so we can contact you directly by signing up using the form below.


Google Drive Basics for the Complete Beginner and Some Recommended Apps

Editor’s note: Today’s blog post is a guest article from +Eva Buyuksimkesyan. Here, Eva relates her experiences and challenges technology wise before she discovered Google Drive and how she is using Google Apps now in her classroom. She also shared additional apps to help extend the functionality of her Google Apps account that she has found very helpful.

Google Drive for Beginners

I blogged about Google Apps that I was planning to use this year, but while chatting with some colleagues the other day, I realized there are still a lot of people who need help with some digital tools that may help reduce their workload. That’s why I’ve decided to write “Google Drive for Beginners”.

Before I discovered Google Drive, I used to:

e-mail lesson plans and worksheets to myself in order to continue to work on them later.carry USB sticks and feeling worried whether I would bring any viruses to my computer at home or I would lose the data when the data traveler got infected.
Then I discovered Google …

What Teachers Can Expect from Classroom

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, Google announced a new feature that promises to make managing classes using their Google Apps for Education suite much more efficient through a new product called Classroom. Since the announcement, everyone in the Google Education world can’t stop talking about it. We know many of you can’t wait to learn more and test out this new product (we feel the same), but the first full release will not roll out until September. We have a lot of questions too, particularly on how Classroom connects with the existing Google Apps bundle.

So while waiting, we made good use of our time and dig deeper in the conversations happening on the web around the topic in order to give you more details. If you are one step closer to integrating Google Apps in the classroom but just couldn’t decide yet, read on as this update is something you don’t want to miss.

What is Classroom?

In the official announcement, Classroom Product Manager Zach Yeskel describes it as something …

Treasure Trove 'Cloud Camps' Now offered through Apps Events with Allison Mollica

Google Apps are a treasuretrove of opportunity. Google Mail, Drive, and Sites are just the tip of the iceberg in Google Apps for Education.   There are so many undiscovered uses and applications that are available through that one Google account.  

This past year while working with AppsEvents and facilitating sessions at Google for Education Summits, I have developed a 'curriculum' called 'Treasure Trove of Google Tools for Schools."

The focus is on 'application' for each of these gems so you can 'level up' even if you are just a beginner or add another tip/use to your toolbox if you are already 'cruising.'

Thanks to all the feedback and support I am very proud to announce that I have partnered with AppsEvents to deliver this training world~wide in the form of 'Cloud Camps'.  If you are interested in hosting a training please contact AppsEvents and they will handle all the arrangements with you so I can focus on delivering a successful tra…

Google Easter Eggs: Show Pony Parade, Shy Dino, and Angry Mob on Hangouts

One of our favorite thing about summits (aside from the free drink parties :D), is the Demo Slam session where attendees get to show off their Google tricks and tips to the rest of the crowd by doing a 2 minute live demonstration. For today’s blog post, we are highlighting this wacky demo slam by +Stephen Reiach, Director of Technology from the American School of Milan and one of the attendees of 2014 Germany Summit held in Frankfurt.

If you think there couldn’t be anything more cooler than having the ability to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, think again. Open Hangouts right now and type /ponies or /ponystream on the chat box and see magical ponies run across the chat window.

This is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to Hangouts! Somebody at Google must love My Little Pony so much.

There are few other surprises you can try, see chart below for the complete list and tell us which is your favorite.

About Demo Slams

Demo slams are fun 2 minute sessions (with 30 second ga…

12 Reasons You Should Attend a Google in Education Summit This 2014

Our educational system has undergone many changes over the years and with every change, the greatest challenge is always the demands on the time of educators to keep up. With more and more school districts adopting Google Apps for Education, Chromebooks, and Android tablets, we have observed an increased interest in summits featuring Google Apps for Education in the United States.

If you are a seasoned user of these technologies, a newbie, or a skeptic, below are a few of the main reasons on why you should attend a Google in Education summit with AppsEvents this year:

Announcing the AppsEvents Newsletter!

“I'm a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they're interested in.” - Bill Gates

When you sign up for any of our upcoming events, we know how important it is for you to get the latest information about our speakers, sessions, and other essential updates. That is why we are launching the AppsEvents newsletter this month to make communicating these important details with you much easier. But that’s not all.

We will also be including news on the recent developments and changes in the Google for Education world plus exclusive updates on our latest offerings and other interesting features we want to share with you (and we hope you will like them).

A few days ago, we have soft launched the US edition of your newsletter and have received an overwhelming response from you. Thank you very much.

For those who have previously signed up for any of o…