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Why attend a Google in Education Summit with AppsEvents in 2014?

Ninja #ChromeTips for a Better Browsing Experience

Last week, I wrote about 10 time-saving Chrome extensions to help teachers cut back a little on their time. For this week's article, I thought of making a follow up post this time around a compilation of little known Chrome tips to help you get the most from this browser.

Before I give the tips...

I like Chrome and as I discover more about Google technologies (Apps, Docs, Drive, YouTube, Maps, etc), it slowly becomes an integral part of what I do here at AppsEvents. I'd like to think that Chrome is the heart of the Google Apps ecosystem, at least that is how I see it from an end-user perspective.

Since Chrome is a Google product, Apps users would expect it to work better performance wise. But if you take time to get to know it more, its features, and personalization options, you can do even greater things with all these solutions that Google offers.

This blog is barely a month old. We are still taking baby steps to make it into a "go to" resource for schools, educator…

Using Hangouts On Air in You Tube for Instant Broadcast

Often folks think that HOA are used only G+ but really you can create, broadcast and edit all within your YouTube account!  Just go to 'upload' and you'll find the link to create a HOA.  Instructions are included on how to verify your YouTube account (must be done in order to broadcast HOA.  I'll model a HOA in this video as well.  It is really easy and with a little practice you can post many tutorials and tips for your students to access throughout your course.  This is an excellent tool for blended learning, flipped classrooms and virtual teachers!  Have fun creating your own Hangout on Air!  :)

10 Time Saving Chrome Extensions for Teachers

At AppsEvents, our browser of choice will always be Chrome not just because we advocate the use of Google Apps and other Google products for education, but largely due to the fact that Chrome offers a wide selection of extensions that you can use so your browser will perform the way you want it to. This, in effect, helps you work smarter and much more productive. On top of that, if you sign in to Chrome, all your preferences will be saved in the cloud allowing you to bring up your bookmarks, history, settings, and extensions on any device.

For today's blog post, we will feature 10 awesome Chrome extensions to help educators cut back on their time.

1. Save to Google Drive

If you are already using Google Drive, this is a powerful extension to help you save time by allowing you to download content from the web to a specific folder in your Google Drive directly via Chrome. For those who don't want to install the Google Drive software on their PC or laptop, this extension is a good …

Take Your Students on a Cultural Art Tour Around The World with Google Art Project

The Importance and Challenges of Art Appreciation
I like to consider myself a forever student, and if there is a subject (or subjects) that I love the most it would be Arts and Culture.

While some people might think that your knowledge of famous Renaissance artists or impressionist paintings don't offer practical application in real life, unless of course if you want to take your chance at trivia game shows and become a millionaire, when you learn to appreciate art and take a closer look you learn many other things a typical textbook can't offer.

Art can reveal beauty, joy, and pain in a way that you can actually feel what the creator felt. Isn't it amazing how one painting carefully preserved can tell so much about human history, behavior, and culture? It makes you ponder on how time has changed the world at the same time it reminds you that there are some things that remain the same throughout the years.

A trip to the museum is always a visually stimulating experience. …

The three phases of Google Apps adoption in schools

It’s interesting having being involved in Google Apps projects at schools since the launch of Google Apps for Education in 2006 to look at the evolving trends as to why schools have adopted Google Apps and Google tools. I had a really interesting chat last week with Jan Zawadski from Hapara in Palo Alto where Jan outlined some broad trends he sees with Google Apps adoption and it got me thinking about how the broad shifts in why schools make the move to Google Apps.

So the three broad trends outlined are 1. Cost, 2. Collaboration and 3. Chromebooks/common core:

Phase 1 - Cost Initially many schools adopted Google Apps for gmail, and the move seemed largely to be driven by cost factors, mainly the reduced cost of switching a school email servers from Microsoft Exchange Server and a general trend of starting to move school systems to the cloud. Google Docs adoption was much less mainstream and the core functionality still evolving, so wasn't as big a factor and most schools still w…

AppsEvents to host the first Google Apps Administrator Certification Courses

We are delighted to announce that AppsEvents will host the first worldwide certification courses to be a Google Apps Administrator. Google Apps admins are some of the key members of the Google Apps Community and it is great to see a certification focussed just for them. AppsEvents team members were involved with Google during the planning and beta testing of this qualification and are delighted it has been released.

The course is suitable for all people who administer Google Apps, whether at a company, Educational institution or non profit. The great thing about Google Apps is all 'versions' are the same.

The great thing about our certification course is that you can attend the one day course, take the exam and if successful you will be a Google Apps Certified Trainer which means you are entitled to use the badge on your website, business card etc. This is great not only to demonstrate your knowledge but also for your career prospects..

In terms of prerequisites. We recommend…

Changes to the Google Education Certification Programs in 2014

We have had several questions regarding the updated Google Education Certifications so I thought I would write a blog post to look at the new certifications, and also the changes in more detail.

Firstly all information about the certification programs is available at the new Google Education page by clicking on the ‘Certification’ link. The new website is clearly laid out and explains things really well.

So to start with there are now three Google Education qualifications. We give an overview of each below and explain the differences from the previous qualifications. They are:

Google Educator Google Education Trainer Google Certified teacher  Google Educator Intro and changes

The first step for everyone is to become a Google Educator and you gain this qualification by passing 5 exams. This qualification was previously called the 'Google Apps Qualified Individual'. The updated qualification broadens the scope to include all Google Education Tools not just the core Google Apps s…