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Google Keep Now Let's You Add Collaborators, Using Nexus 7 in the Classroom, and More

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from November 17 to 23, 2014.

Google Keep: Share ideas with friends and family -
Sticky notes on refrigerators were once the preferred way to say, “We’re out of bread - could you pick some up?” Now with Google Keep, not only can you jot down ideas or put together shopping lists, you can also share them with friends and family and work on them at the same time.
Introducing fun family games for Chromecast -
11 new apps are available for Chromecast today, bringing you family friendly games like Scrabble Blitz, Just Dance Now and Wheel of Fortune as well as great shows from Showtime and Starz.
Create Google+ profiles -
Admins for organizations that use Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education (not including K-12) can now create public Google+ profiles for their users straight from the admin console.
Use for Nexus 7 tablet:  Docu…

Ensuring Protection of Student Data in the Cloud, Google Forms Cheat Sheet for Teachers, and More

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from November 10 to 16, 2014.

Ensuring protection of student data in the cloud with the UK Department of Education -

Google's response to the UK Department for Education: cloud services checklist for schools/colleges now live. Shared by +Dan Taylor

How to Use Gantter at School -

Are you in trouble in designing and planning your educational projects? Are you in trouble in coordinating collaborations with other teachers? +Flavia Giannoli shares her presentation slide on using Gantter at School. Note that the presentation is in Italian.

Google FORMS Cheat Sheet for Teachers! -

+Kasey Bell shares her Google Forms Cheat Sheet t thatwill help new and novice users learn how to create and use powerful forms, surveys and assessments. You will find form setting highlights, and a detailed table of all question types. A great resource fo…

g(Math) for Sheets QuizNinja, launch desktop applications from Google Drive in Chrome, and more

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from November 3 to 9, 2014.

g(Math) will now create individualized, differentiated quizzes and grade them mathematically!!

The g(Math) for Sheets QuizNinja will create individualized quizzes that can be differentiated with random questions. The grading aspect also uses a mathematical aspect so if the answer is 4x, it will be marked correct if you put in any value equivalent (like 4*x, x*4, x4, 3x+1x, 16x/(4x), etc...) - +John McGowan

Easy Accents Google Docs add-on -

This Add-on allows users to easily insert accents for different languages directly from a sidebar in their Google Doc. h/t +Kim Nilsson

A new day for Google Calendar -

Google is introducing a brand new Google Calendar app. It’s designed to be a helpful assistant, so you can spend less time managing your day, and more time enjoying it.

A more modern Gmail app for Android -

Add-ons for Forms, Creating digital stories with Google Apps, and more

This covers the links, resources, tips, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from October 27 until November 2, 2014.

Add-ons for Forms bring a little something extra to your surveys -

Just like with Docs and Sheets, you can now use add-ons for Forms to add handy new features to your surveys, like setting a survey end date, sending custom emails based on responses, storing lists of choices that you frequently add to questions, and more.

Free Downloadable Math Lesson Plans -

Posted by +Andy Peterson
Creating digital stories with Google Apps -
+Sylvia Duckworth shares the steps on how to create a digital story with text, voice and music using only Google apps. 
Going back to our roots: Google Apps in higher education -
Unlimited Drive storage to all Google App…