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Community Round Up: Guide to Google Drive Sharing, App Folders on Chromebook, ISTE2014, and more

The Guide to Google Drive Sharing -

Google Drive is loaded with great features, but the ability to share and collaborate is truly what sets Google Drive apart from the pack. For experienced users, sharing is second nature; but for new users, it can be difficult to wrap your head around. To help new users understand sharing +Kasey Bell  created a visual guide that covers the basics of sharing in Google Drive.

App Folders on Chromebook -
New feature: You can now create folders for your Apps on your Chromebook! 

Shared via +Brandie Cain-Heard. Video by John R. Sowash

Kiker Learning Instructional Technology and Design -

Here's a great Google Sites example from +Rich Kiker (spotted by +Dan Taylor). Icons for different Google Apps are arranged in a grid format making it easier to find which link you are looking for.

Mailbox Management -

Non-Gmail mailbox users have now more control over what is delivered to and blocke…

Gmail Officially Adds Undo Send, Google Calendar Events and More

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from
June 22 - 28, 2015.
More image types in Google Docs, Sheets, and
Larger images, images in less common formats (like TIFF), and images with non-RGB color profiles (like CMYK), can also be imported to and exported from the Google Docs editors on the web successfully.
Google Calendar for iPhone: more ways to stay on
You can now add files from Google Drive to Google Calendar events on Android, iOS, and the web.
Reminders: Set it and never forget it!-

+Google for Workoriginally shared: "Set it and never forget it! Reminders for passing out research papers and report cards". + 88 things you didn't know you could do with Google

Post tweets through +Google

+Google for Workoriginally shared: "Clever use case from +Alice Keeler to post Tweets through Google Docs with just a few clicks&q…

New Hampshire Google for Education Summit at Pinkerton Academy this July 2015

Pinkerton Academy in cooperation with AppsEvents is proud to be hosting the 2015 New Hampshire Google for Education Summit on July 22 - 23, 2015. It will be a truly world class PD event.

Google Apps for Education is a powerful suite of tools that can enhance and support 21st century learning and the New Hampshire Google for Education Summit is a fantastic learning event to support classroom teachers, school leaders and school IT staff.

Presenters will be flying in from around the world and across the US. All speakers are both practicing educators AND leading Google EDU Experts. They will be joined by leading local Google educators to learn about using the latest technologies to enhance collaboration in the classroom and beyond!

The summit will be a 2-day event featuring fantastic keynotes and several concurrent sessions catered to all experience levels and job roles. There will be sessions aimed at classroom teachers where you get to learn practical uses of Google tools as well as mo…

Classroom Demo, Google Maps for Offline Use, Apps Update, and More



School might be out for the summer, but Classroom is just getting started. Check out this walkthrough video for a preview of how it works for teachers and students. More teaching. Less tech-ing.

Video shared via +Milan Mihajlov

Your Guide to Saving Google Maps Locations for Offline Use -

No Wi-Fi? That's no problem for Google Maps. Using the app's offline option, you can save specific locations on your phone to access even when you don't have an Internet connection. That way, when you're on the subway or in an area with terrible cell service, you can still pull up those saved maps and go on your merry way. Shared via +Lee Webster

Move documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to trash from their own File menu -

Owners of a document, spreadsheet or presentation will now be able to move it to the trash from within its own File menu, rather than needing to do so from the Drive home page. …

Do More with Google Sheets, Chrome Apps and Extensions and More

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from
June 15 - 21, 2015.

Updates for Google Sheets : do more with your data -

A plethora of features to better visualize and analyze your data with Google sheets has been made available for our convenience. Previewing formula results instantly and new tools for customizing charts made easier. See Complete list

Offline Access with Chrome -

Edit your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations offline with Chrome. Even without wifi access, just sign in to Chrome and edit your documents anytime. Here's how to access offline

Google Chrome Extensions for School -

The link above will direct you to a comprehensive list of suggested apps & extensions, by, to fully maximize your productivity and Google chrome usage. Get more out of Google with these products. 

Are You Ready Connecticut?

AppsEvents in partnership with Greenwich Country Day School proudly brings you the first Connecticut Google in Education Summit!

It will be an exciting two day event to help get the most out of Google Apps for Education in both 'K-12' and 'Higher Education' environments happening on June 21st (Saturday) to June 22nd, 2014 (Sunday), with the ‘Google Educator’ Certification Course taking place on Monday, the 23rd.

We have prepared a fantastic line up of sessions led by truly world class speakers and leaders in the Google for Education world. +Allison Mollica will be there to share her famous 'Treasure Trove' series as one of our featured speakers. If you want to learn about paperless forms and how to utilize Doctopus to make it your own teaching assistant, don't miss Richard Anderson's session on these topics.

+Hapara - Powering Google Apps, one of our summit partners, will also be there. If your district plans on availing Hapara teacher dashboard or inte…

AppsEvents Newsletter June 2014: Information about Classroom, new events, service announcements, and more

Google Cloud Camp

Google Apps are a treasure trove of opportunity. Google Mail, Drive, and Sites are just the tip of the iceberg - there are so many undiscovered uses and applications available for you using that single Google login.

Allison Mollica's Treasure Trove series is a curriculum she has developed which offer a deeper look into the existing Google Apps for Education suite and other tools. This curriculum is often staged at our summits as a two-part or four-part series and has become one of our most popular summit sessions this year.
Over the years of organizing Google in Education summits, we have seen schools who have gone Google still scrambling to provide basic 'apps' training. Some don't even realize the potentials they can get in using Google Apps for Education. That is why we developed a more focused and intense form of workshop built upon Allison's Treasure Trove series.

Google Cloud Camp is a stand-alone one or two day workshop set up to showcase w…

Community Round Up: 38 Ideas for Using Google in the Classroom, Saving Files to Multiple Folders, and More

38 Ideas for Using Google in the Classroom -

A summer reading assignment for all the teachers out there. 38 ways Google Drive can improve productivity in the upcoming school year. Shared via +Cheryl Hunter. Original post by Googler +Chris Farinacci.

5 Reasons Educators Should Use Google Plus -

Google+ is the fastest growing social network, and offers some great ways to connect and learn with other educators that you cannot find on other platforms. If you are not using Google+, you are missing out on some great features, and great ways to expand your PLN. Great blog post +Kasey Bell.

Google Tricks and Tips: Saving Files to Multiple Folders -

When organizing your Google Drive into folders, it can be difficult to decide exactly where to save certain files. For instance, would the draft of this blog post go in my “Blog” folder, or my “Google Tips” folder? File folders really only imitate the old way of doing things. With folder…

Google Apps Admin Corner : May 2015

Google has released a few important updates for Google Apps for May. Below is a digest of some key updates and information to efficiently and effectively manage your GAFE domain.

Google + Collections

In May 2015 Google+ Collections was released to provide an easy way for people using Google+ to organize their focus areas and interest. This will be great way to easily access all relevant & related posts in one location

What Admins Should Do Now:

Relay information to users if necessary.

New Google Classroom Mobile App Features

With this update, teachers can now:
Create and edit assignments on the go, make copies of attachments, and attach new photos to assignments. Grade assignments from their phones or tablets, and add private comments for students.Snap pictures to create assignments, so whiteboard photos and class notes can be posted to the stream for students who are absent and/or assigned to the class for a deeper dive.
What Admin Should Do Now:

Relay information to users if neces…

Shared tables with Google Play for Education, secret 3D mapping project, and more

Here are the top contributions from our Google+ community page last week.

Bringing personalized learning to shared tablets with Google Play for Education -

While most schools eventually want to get to 1:1, it’s not always practical to start with a dedicated tablet for every student. Asking students to share a single account isn’t advisable either -- too often the result is one-size-fits-all technology with more than a few management headaches.

That’s why Google is adding support for multiple accounts to tablets with Google Play for Education, making it possible for schools to provide personalized learning for up to five students on the same shared device.

Shared via +Dan Leighton

Custom formula in conditional formatting-

Conditionally formatting rows, where a specific column meets a condition, in the new version of Google Sheets by using a custom formula.

Google Apps Script

Having a hard time getting around Google Apps …

Google I/O 2015 Announcements, Access Files in Drive, and More

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from
June 1 - 7, 2015.

Access Files in Drive -

You can search from within Gmail to find and access files in Drive.

Tools for Upcoming Exams -

Need help for final exams? Check out these test prep tools from the Chrome Web store.

Top 10 Announcements from Google I/O 2015 -

Google made many exciting announcements at the Google I/O annual event that was held at the Moscone Center West, San Francisco, CA. This was last May 28 - 29, 2015.

Watch Senior Vice-President of Products, +Sundar Pichai, deliver his keynote.

Google Apps Gets Encryption, Student Badge Leaderboard, and More

Here are last week's top shares from our Google+ community members.

No More Scroogled, No More NSA, Google Apps Gets Encryption -

Google and Zix Corporation have just announced Google Apps Message Encryption (GAME), a service that brings full scale message encryption to Google Apps. Shared via +Lee Webster.

g(Math) is now available as an Add-on live in the Google Chrome Store! -

For math teachers looking for more graph/formula options in Google Docs, g(Math is now available as an official add-on in the Chrome Web Store. Shared via +Chad Kafka.

Have you heard of Tube Chop? -

Tube Chop allows you to grab a segment of a YouTube video and share instantly #inthecloud. Thanks to +Allison Mollica for introducing this tool to the community.

How To Create A Student Badge Leaderboard Using Google Apps -

Learn how to create an easy to use badge system using the Google Apps ecosystem which would be ideal for any sc…

Futuristic Google Tools, Google Sheet Gradebook Tutorial, and More

Great resource links, tips, news, and updates shared by our Google+ community members from
May 25 - 31, 2015.

Advanced Google Sheets Gradebook displayed on Google Sites -

Thanks to +Richard Anderson for this awesome tutorial in using Google Sheets for student grades then enabling them to view their own information/grade on a Google Site.

Use Ctrl + f / Command + f -

Search for words in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and replace one or all of them.

Keep and Inbox Team Up -

Now, when you create Reminders in Keep, they'll appear in Inbox.

Futuristic Google

Get to know some Google tools  we don't get to use often.
+Chris McCaffrey originally shared: "Nice collection of some less known tools. Location history is a bit creepy, but wow, and may not be enable on GAFE."

Google Is Bringing Virtual Reality to the Classroom -

Google made a virtual reality viewer from cardboard in 2014. Now, they're turning…