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The most powerful GSuite App you are not using!

By +James Sayer

As a Math teacher and working with learning technologies I am a total data geek and always looking for ways to harness the data we collect in schools. Having previously worked with Fusion Tables - an analysis app able to pull data in and geotag it and produce complex heatmaps very easily - I was excited to get going with Data Studio.

Charts in Sheets have been super powered by the Explore AI to extend their functionality. But what if we could pull in data from multiple sources and compare and analyse it side by side? Thats where Data Studio comes in. Launched in 2017, Data Studio has been designed with the internet marketer in mind (it has multiple connections to website data). However, with the Google Sheets connection, anything schools record in forms or sheets can now be pulled into Data Studio. But what exactly is Data Studio?

Data Studio is a set of advanced numerical and visualisation tools to help comprehend large complex data sets….yikes!

Data Studio creates …

Acer Chromebook Tab 10 & How to Manage Chrome Devices

In this video, Dean talks about the newly announced Acer Chromebook Tab 10 and walks you through some of the best settings for managing Chrome devices in your school or district.

Looking for training on G Suite or Chromebooks? Visit

Arch Ford Educational Services Host Google Education Summit This June

Arch Ford Educational Services to Host Google for Education Summit
The Arch Ford Educational Services in cooperation with AppsEvents is proud to be hosting the 2018 Arkansas Summit featuring Google for Education taking place at the Arch Ford Educational Service Center, 101 Bulldog Drive, Plumerville, AR.

Google Apps for Education (recently rebranded as GSuite) is a powerful suite of tools that can enhance and support 21st century learning and the Arkansas Summit is a fantastic learning event to support classroom teachers, school leaders and school IT staff.

This is the 5th year AppsEvents, an official Google for Education PD Partner, will be cooperating with Arkansas educators to deliver two days of training targeted to help all educational stakeholders become more proficient, productive and enthusiastic about utilizing the best technology resources available.

Presenters will be flying in from across the US. Speakers are both practicing educators AND leading Google EDU Experts. They…

General Data Protection Regulation and European International Schools

General Data Protection Regulation and European International Schools
By +John M. Mikton
On May 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into full swing in the European Union as law, focused on individual privacy and access/use of personal information of European Union citizens. 
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new set of rules governing the privacy and security of personal data laid down by the European Commission which impacts all European Union's (EU) organization both commercial and non commercial (non-profit) and foreign companies and organizations which handle European Union citizens personal data. 
The objective of bringing this regulation into law across the EU is in reaction to significant changes with the digitization of information and the growing power of algorithms used by large corporations in analysing and using personal data for commercial use. The General Data Protection Regulation has been designed to give a greater leve…

Google Partner Summit New York March 2018 Highlights

AppsEvents was delighted to be asked to attend the ‘Google for Education Partner Summit’ in New York in March for an amazing two days of learning and sharing with partners around the world. AppsEvents had four representatives at the summit; Allison Mollica-USA Director, Dean Stokes-UK Director, Dan Taylor-CEO and Oli Trussell.
The event took place over two days in the amazing Google offices in the Chelsea area of midtown Manhattan. The offices are really awe inspiring and take over an entire city block in the old headquarters of the Port Authority of New York. There are at least 5 restaurants and over 6000 Googlers working in the building!

The event started early with an evening event at the offices of Neverware. Neverware turns old laptops into Chromebooks and it was great to get a look at their system in their very cool midtown offices complete with standing desks and a very Googley vibe.

Google has an ecosystem of partner companies who support their efforts in education, which are …

Summit Highlight: AppsEvents Albany Georgia Summit Featuring Google for Education

The first AppsEvents Summit held for 2018 was in January in Albany, GA. It was two days full of inspiration for me as a presenter. I always love visiting a school or district that is beginning their journey with G Suite for Education. Especially, when participants are as friendly and eager to learn as the educators from Dougherty County Schools.

I was inspired by their level of engagement and participation. Many attendees started connecting ways they could implement G Suite tools in their classrooms the following week. I absolutely love to see the wheels turning and light bulbs ignite. These are the teachers that will become the “change agents” in their school.

“The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.” – Marva Collins
After presenting sessions on a couple of the basics like getting started with Google Classroom and how to get organized with Google Keep, I shared how to use Google Sites for student e-portfolios and building your teac…

Google for Education Summit hosted at Lebanon Middle School In partnership with AppsEvents & Local Sponsors

Google for Education Summit hosted at Lebanon Middle SchoolIn partnership with AppsEvents & Local Sponsors LEBANON, NH -- An educational summit featuring Google for Education will be hosted in the Upper Valley for educators in area schools on May 5, 2017 with a series of workshops throughout the day led by highly acclaimed Google Certified Trainers and Educators.

For educators wanting to earn a certification, a Google Educator Level 1 Certification Bootcamp will be offered on Friday, May 4th. This workshop agenda includes a series of engaging ‘classroom’ and ‘productivity’ activities utilizing Google tools as well as guided access to the Google Exam Center, a complimentary exam voucher, & guaranteed ‘retake’ access.

May 4, 2018 Bootcamp | Lebanon School District SAU88 20 Seminary Hill Rd., West Lebanon, NH 03784
May 5, 2018 Summit | Lebanon Middle School 3 Moulton Avenue, Lebanon, NH 03766
The goal is to help administrators, educators, specialists and assistants/paraprofess…

The first Chromebook Tab 10 is a winner

Back in January 2018, Dan Taylor and James Sayer from AppsEvents were invited to Acer headquarters to preview the new Acer Chromebook Tab 10, a tablet with Chrome OS just like the Chromebooks that are hugely popular in schools. We were not able to discuss anything before the launch but are delighted that it has been released now so we can share our thoughts.

The Tab 10 is similar in size to an iPad, with all the standard features we expect:
front/rear camerasnine hours battery2048 x 1536 displayUSB-C4 GB RAM and 32GB storageBuilt in Wacom stylus The Tab 10 has a slot for the stylus to slide into, making this tablet and stylus easy to carry around. The stylus doesn’t need charging and no battery needed. These two features will make it easier for schools to start using tablet drawing and writing functions in class. The game changer is Chrome OS. Now rather than being restricted with mobile Google apps when working on a tablet, students and teachers now have a fully working Chrome OS to m…