Using a Chromebook Offline | Tips & Tricks Episode 8

In this episode, Dean shows how to make the most out of using your Chromebook when you're offline. However you're travelling - your Acer Chromebook will see you through, whether it's for work or fun!

2018 Tamworth New Hampshire #GooglePD Highlights

Some gems during the New Hampshire #GooglePD hosted by the Kenneth A. Brett School at Tamworth, NH.
Lesson of the Day from Dean Stokes Keynote Lesson of the day from Dean Stokes: it's okay to fail! It's a hard one but rewarding and freeing. Create safe environments for our students to learn from their failures — asamsel (@asamteach) July 18, 2018 Create a classroom environment where Ss feel that it is safe to fail. — Donna Macdonald (@dsmacdonald) July 18, 2018Add-ons Tips from @SusieTechCoach .@SusieTechCoach Remember when accessing the Add-ons menus to take advantage of both the drop-down sort categories and the search box. — Nick Shuman (@nshuman78) July 18, 2018 .@SusieTechCoach Hey foreign language teachers! Check out Easy Accents Add-on for Google Docs for easy access to those accent marks. — Nick Shuman (@nsh…

Three ways you can customize your Acer Chromebook Tab 10

Having the ability to customize your device’s look and feel is essential to productivity so here are three ways you can tweak Google’s first Chrome OS tablet to better suit your needs.

Adjust screen resolution

The default resolution is set to low which makes the icons appear quite big. If you want to adjust your screen’s resolution, you can do so through the settings menu the same way you would in a Chromebook.

Tap on the time in the bottom-right corner of the screen and choose “Settings” from the menu. From the Settings window, search for “Display” to reveal the Display Settings.

This can also be done through a connected keyboard by pressing [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [+].

Switch between Chrome OS channels

Chrome OS has three different software channels: stable, beta, and development. If you want to test upcoming features of the Chrome operating system with minimal risk, switch your device to the Beta channel. Take note though that you need to be a device “owner” to be able to switch channel…

Optimizing workflow for your classroom

Wonder how other educators are optimizing their workflow for their classroom? Get inspired with these Trello board templates and examples!

What is Trello?

Trello is an infinitely flexible visual collaboration tool that helps you keep track of everything--- from the big picture down to the smallest details. It is a free and simple to use project management tool, and our team use it as our core event planning App. Our CEO Dan Taylor talks about it more on our EventsFrame blog post “How to run an events company on (almost) completely free tools”.

Recently, Trello introduced hundreds of sample boards submitted by actual users (including educators) from all around the world that others can easily copy and customize. We listed some of our favorites and included some “board basics” for those new to Trello ;)

Status Of The Class

Always know what step each student is at in a process. Works well in a workshop environment where students are progressing individually.

View full board
Board Basics: Col…

Trumann 1:1 Acer Chromebook & Google PD Initiative

Editor’s Note:

We recently conducted a series of internal Google workshops with the Administrators and Leadership Team of the Trumann School District. While we were there, they received a huge shipment of the Acer Spin 11 Chromebooks that are going to be the 1:1 device for their students.

Trumann School District is launching a ‘reboot’ with Google this summer, bringing in the new Acer Spin Chromebooks as well as the Google Educator Certification for all Administrator / Leadership and teachers at every school using AppsEvents L1/L2 combined curriculum.

We grabbed the opportunity to learn more about why they are switching to Chromebooks and we will be sharing the details with you in this two-part blog post.

For schools or districts looking into considering implementing 1:1 Chromebooks, please let us know if you have a few things you want to ask so we can share them on our next newsletter. If you are looking for customized Google training for your teachers, SIGN UP your interest here.


#EdPins - Putting Learning on the Map

By Dale Plotzki, AppsEvents Presenter
A new Google Innovator project has recently launched that seeks to connect schools and educators in a truly new way!

#EdPins ( seeks to highlight the beautiful, unique work in every school! It does this by re-purposing Google Maps ‘review’ cards into billboards of learning that celebrate the unique educational opportunities that are offered by a school. Here is a great example of an #EdPins entry live in the field.

So why look to Google Maps for educational collaboration? Aren’t our schools’ websites and Twitter feeds enough? The truth is, Google Maps has several features which make it an ideal platform for connecting schools:
It’s universal: Every school, EVERY SCHOOL, on earth that exists in a physical location is either on Google Maps or can be placed on Google Maps. This is an incredible fact that we must take advantage of!It’s free: All you need to participate in #EdPins is a Google Account, which has no cost. This is a huge le…

New Customization Options in Google Forms

New highly requested customization features for Google Forms will be rolling out this month. Users will be able to choose colors and fonts when creating quizzes, surveys, registration forms, and more that matches their branding or desired theme.

Choosing a theme and background color 

To pick a Theme Color, click the Customize theme icon . Doing so will display the new Theme Options sidebar on the right side. You can pick a predefined color, or a custom one. The color you selected will be applied to your header background, titles, action buttons, and more. After you pick a theme color, you can then select a complementary color for the background.
Adding a custom header image 

From Theme Options, click Choose image and then Upload photos. Then drag a photo into the window or click Select a photo from your computer.
Custom font style
As of this announcement, we can only see four font options: Basic, Decorative, Formal, and Playful. When you pick a style, it will apply to your form title and…