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The most powerful GSuite App you are not using!

By +James Sayer

As a Math teacher and working with learning technologies I am a total data geek and always looking for ways to harness the data we collect in schools. Having previously worked with Fusion Tables - an analysis app able to pull data in and geotag it and produce complex heatmaps very easily - I was excited to get going with Data Studio.

Charts in Sheets have been super powered by the Explore AI to extend their functionality. But what if we could pull in data from multiple sources and compare and analyse it side by side? Thats where Data Studio comes in. Launched in 2017, Data Studio has been designed with the internet marketer in mind (it has multiple connections to website data). However, with the Google Sheets connection, anything schools record in forms or sheets can now be pulled into Data Studio. But what exactly is Data Studio?

Data Studio is a set of advanced numerical and visualisation tools to help comprehend large complex data sets….yikes!

Data Studio creates …

The Chrome Gnomes

Just what is a gnome? According to Webster’s Dictionary, a gnome is

A legendary dwarfish creature supposed to guard the earth's treasuresunderground.A small ugly person.A person regarded as having secret or sinister influence, especially in financial matters.
So what is a Chrome Gnome? 

Well, to me, Chrome Gnomes are those small, seemingly insignificant (“secret”) treasures in the Chrome web browser that are sure to make your life so much easier! It’s a click here, a click there, or extensions added to increase the productivity of the web browser experience.

There are many other neat tips and tricks when using the Chrome web browser, but for now, I will highlight information about tab management and a few of my favorite chrome extensions. One important fact: No matter what device you may be using, sign in to chrome and your installed extensions and saved bookmarks will be there! Just be sure to “link your data” when/if you are prompted when you use a different device.


School 2.0

By +Ben Rouse

The internet looks nothing like it did when it started, but schools have taken a slower approach to change!

No one involved in the early construction of a network of networks saw what we have now coming. Therefore how can we know what comes next, but indulge me in an attempt at envisaging the potential impact of modern internet capabilities on the institutions of learning? Might the ever evolving internet have the potential to finally nudge education to innovate and evolve?

“From the moment you wake up, the web is trying to anticipate your intentions. Since your routines are noted, the web is attempting to get ahead of your actions, to deliver an answer almost before you ask a question.” - 
Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future by Kevin Kelly

The extract from my most recent Kindle acquisition prompted me to apply this idea to my passion, education. Machine learning uses data to predict what you will want to eat, consume, purchase and more. So …