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Design Thinking in Schools | Part Three - G Suite for Edu

By +Ben Rouse

Gmail was created by a Google engineer in their 20% time, back in 2004. Googlers get time to pursue projects outside of their main role and this engineer wanted to tackle spam, a significant problem for email users in the beginning of this millennium. The project was to create an email that would block most spam, the technology was utilised to solve a problem. It so happens this internal project became a tools with over 1 billion users. Wonder if they got a bonus?

All good technology integrations in schools don’t begin by talking about the tools. The same is true in this blog series, only once we have given time to empathise with the situation, define it and seek to develop ideas around this can the tools come into their own.

Embedding G Suite for Education in learning involves looking for barriers to modern learning taking place in schools and seeking to move beyond them. This was the case for me. I offered tool specific training in my school but the turnout was low, d…

Design Thinking in Schools | Part Two - Ideation

How might we increase exam results for learners?
Why do exam results matter?
Because employers use exam results to pick who they interview
Why do employers use exam results?
Erm… because that is the information they have about students who apply
Why do they only have exam results
They also have a CV but that doesn’t differentiate the students enough
Why does a CV not differentiate a student enough
Because schools are measured on exam results and this is the focus…

How might we use the exam content to engage the learners in a wider variety of skills?

In Part 1 of Design Thinking and Learning in Schools we looked at the design process in schools and how design thinking schools can change the way they understand the problems they need to solve and innovate solutions to these problems.

Two of the tools design thinking schools might use are How might we (HMW) statements and the 5 Why’s activity to drill down into a problem to find the real problem worth solving. If you haven’t had a chance…

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Design Thinking in Education | Part One - Empathy

By +Ben Rouse

Have a walk around school and take a moment to ask why?

Why do we teach these subjects?
Why are the timings of lessons structured in this way?
Why are classrooms set out like that?
Why do the children behave so well for that teacher?
Why did we purchase those books?
Why doesn’t the librarian sit in lessons?
Why aren’t those children excited?
Why does that teacher look tired?
Why is that class having so much fun?
Why do we have a teacher desk?
Why is no one in the staff room?
Why are all the IT support male?
Why do we want to use digital technology for learning?

How much of the school environment is designed to support learning? Does it work? Who does it work for?

The golden circle taken from Simon Sinek's book "Start with Why". Check out what he has to say here

Let me give you an example:

A school delivers assemblies in a hall, designed in early 20th century, via a projector hanging from the ceiling that displays o…