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Fostering Literacy Skills: Five Amazing Technology Solutions for Teachers

Literacy skills are the first set of abilities a new learner picks up when they first step into a classroom and having had little to no previous teaching sessions, acquiring them is arguably one of the most challenging experiences of a student's academic life. 
Without the right approach, however, teaching how to read and write can be just as taxing to a teacher, as learning the skills is to a young student. There's often too much to cover in very limited time. Moreover, despite kids at a young age having the natural instinct to learn, an ineffective teaching method can get boring pretty fast.

With the tools below, teachers can encourage their students to be active creators of content, rather than passive consumers of information. We're now well into the Digital Age, where kids are exposed to content through technology at an early stage. In fact, with texting, social media, gaming, surfing the web, and anything else they do with their little gadgets, our students read and…