New Content Notifications in the Classroom App, Whitelist Domains for Classroom, and More

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Emily Stiebel, product marketing manager for Camp Google, told VentureBeat in an email interview that Google always aimed to create a free summer camp that gets kids learning through fun, interactive science activities and adventures. 

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Whitelist domains for Classroom -

It's here! You can now whitelist domains so that they can work seamlessly in Google Classroom and Google Apps for Education.

New content notifications in the Classroom app -

Over the next few days, students will begin receiving mobile notifications via the Classroom app for Android and iOS when new content is added to their classes. For instance, students will be alerted immediately when they receive new assignments or grades, notes from teachers, comments from fellow classmates, and more—allowing them to stay on top of their schoolwork even more easily.

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New in Drive — Prevent people you share files with from downloading, printing and copying them. Learn more about how this works in the Help Center:

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