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AppsEvents 2017 Survey of Technolgy & G Suite in Schools

We are delighted to announce our second annual survey of ‘Google use in International Schools’. Please click here for the 2017 Survey and you can see the 2016 survey results here.

Our survey showed increasing use of Google tools across the board. In particular we saw an increased use of Chromebooks with 64% of schools now using Chromebooks, up from 48% in 2016. Use of the Chrome browser remained constant (virtually all schools were using it anyway) and 55% of respondents are provisioning Chrome extensions across the school.

Google Classroom continued to grow in use with a massive 87% of respondents using is in 2017, compared to 74% in 2016. Also Google Classroom has replaced Moodle as the most popular LMS/VLE. Many respondents are looking for more integration of Classroom with popular LMS/SIS systems to expand it’s use.

For the first time we included Google Cardboard and Expeditions use in the survey and 28% of respondents are making use of these. It will be interesting to see how this …

How to Use the Google Science Journal Android App on a Chromebook

In this episode, Dean runs through using the Google Science Journal Android app on an Acer Chromebook R11. It's a great app which uses the sensors in the device to help you run experiments in your classroom.

Writing Mathematical Expressions in Docs with EquatIO

Did you know that Texthelp have made EquatIO free for teachers? This means you can now easily create and insert mathematical symbols and expressions, as well as scientific expressions in Google Docs for free!

To learn more about all the awesome features of EquatIO, check out the video below by our very own UK Director, Ben Rouse.

To get access to premium EquatIO for free, please fill out this form:
There is a free version that students can use, but the premium version is only available at no cost if you are a teacher.

Free Equatio for Chrome supports Equation Editor, LaTeX Editor, Handwriting Recognition, and Speech Input. 
To learn more about the free and premium versions for students, check out this link.

Auto Import Grades from From to Google Classroom Gradebook

In this video, Allison shares a new update in Google Classroom that allows you to import Grades from auto-graded quizzes (Google Form) directly into Classroom.

By enabling the feature, Classroom automatically limits each form to 1 response per user, collects email addresses, and restricts reponses to users in your domain.

AppsEvents and Acer Global Partnership

During 2017/2018 Google Summit and Bootcamp attendees will have had the opportunity to check out the latest Chromebooks from Acer at events in UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Beginning August 2017, AppsEvents is delighted to announce that we have extended the Acer partnership to include all our Global events.

Through the AppsEvents team experience, both as educators and trainers working with schools, we know that the education market is a very unique environment. Schools need access to the most affordable capable devices that are fast and powerful enough to run all applications that students will need in the classroom.

From reading ebooks, to annotating class tests, setting up a testing environment, recording data and images on field trips to typing up student reports, the latest in Acer convertible Chromebooks is an all-round device we are completely confident in recommending.

The AppsEvents team was lucky enough to meet with Acer in Taiwan head office and had a day of one-on-one …

November 2017 G Suite Updates

Google has released a couple of important updates for G Suite this month. Here is our digest of some key updates particularly useful for educators, education support staff, and school leadership.

Increased editor limit

Did you know that you can now have 100 people editing in a Google Doc/Sheet/Slide at once? That's double than what it used to be! Story here.

Pick how you're going to get your image one step sooner!

When you select Insert > Image in Google Docs, Slides, or Drawings on the web, you’ll find five different options that makes it easier to upload an image from computer, Drive, Photo, by URL, or via web search.

You'll now have the option to keep comments and suggestions when copying Docs, Sheets and Slides

To do so, simply select Make a copy from the File menu and check the box for Copy comments and suggestions or Copy comments.

More font options and new languages supported in Google Docs and Slides

Google expanded the font catalogue in Docs and Slides to support…

#DitchThatFear : An Essay on Change and Innovation

By Joe Marquez

As an educator I believe that every lesson should come alive and connect with students on a personal level. I also believe that all teachers should have a drive in connecting with their students. It is up to teachers to ignite a spark that is going to catch fire with their audience. Just like a fire needs fuel, oxygen, and heat to create a spark, a teacher needs to test out different combinations of ingredients to catch the interest of their students. For me, technology has been the spark to ignite learning and innovation in my classroom and on my campus. With the inclusions of technology in our everyday lessons, we are being given amazing opportunities to reach the “unreachable” - to reach those students who have not yet discovered the joy of learning. Our goal is to create a spark and have it spread across not only our campus, but our district, state, and country as well.

As educators we need to be leaders and innovators both in and out of the classroom. Change does…

AppsEvents Suite Tips Episode 1 : Sketching in Slides

In the first Suite Tips video Dean showcases the exciting new Slides feature to insert notes from Google Keep. Taking advantage of the stylus with the new Acer Spin 11, Dean is able to sketch on the touchscreen and with some Google magic import that directly into Slides. Plus check out the awesome resource that is the Google Cultural Institute.